Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Scalable, responsive, and secure infrastructure

Why Is This Important?

The ever-changing landscape of business technology is drastically impacting the way companies store and manage their data, applications and hardware. You can trust Adjacent Solutions as your partner of choice to help create and execute a customized plan for your cloud and infrastructure needs, so your team can focus on implementing new business initiatives.

  • Quicker project initiation
  • Reduced capital investment
  • SLA Backed, 24×7
  • AWS & OCI Certified Architects
  • How Can Adjacent Solutions Help?

    At Adjacent Solutions, we understand how important it is for IT to align with business needs and processes. Today, IT leaders must provide an infrastructure that is secure, responsive, scalable and cost efficient, all while keeping the mission-critical technologies running seamlessly. Our team of experienced IT professionals will do the heavy lifting and help you stay ahead of technology and market shifts by devising a plan that is thorough and flexible; giving you freedom you need to focus on innovation and business growth.

    Benefits of Cloud & Infrastructure


    Managing mission-critical systems and applications is time consuming. Adjacent Solutions’ expertise makes this process easier, increasing the productivity of your organization.


    Our central location guarantees our availability to support your business with any cloud and infrastructure needs or questions, regardless of the time of day.


    Storing data in the cloud allows for extra security measures that can be put in place to avoid data breaches.


    Cloud computing makes it possible to quickly and easily increase your data storage capacity without the need to invest in physical servers.

    Case Study

    Leading Telecom Company Modernized on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    After years of running Oracle software on premise, a leading telecom provider found itself needing to migrate off outdated hardware running Solaris and move to Oracle Cloud.

    “Lift and Shift” Cloud Migration to OCI

    With a limited outage window and zero business interruption, Adjacent utilized a “Lift and Shift” methodology to migrate the Oracle software to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

    • Transparent migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    • Architected and executed on-prem to cloud migration strategy
    • Identified and remediated customizations
    • Ensured performance and business process continuity

    Seamless Platform Migration

    The strategic decision was made to migrate to Linux to take advantage of the lower cost of ownership, the higher level of Oracle support, and the resources available compared to Solaris.

    • Converted Big Endian to Little Endian for application and database
    • Optimized the migration plan to minimize the outage window
    • Ensured zero data corruption
    • Preserved pre-migration performance

    Preserved Customizations and Interfaces

    Customizations and interfaces were remediated with only limited rework needed to operate on Linux.

    Future Proof Architecture

    The servers, networking, and overall topology was architected to meet strategic business growth goals.

    Running on Oracle’s Flagship Technologies

    Oracle E-Business Suite on top of Oracle RAC Database running on Oracle Enterprise Linux inside Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.