Extending EBS With APEX

Create easy-to-use, custom applications

What Is APEX?

Changing business processes and the need to stay competitive creates a never ending need for intuitive apps, fast. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code platform used to program simple web applications using only a browser. Implementing APEX into your business processes makes it easier to create these crucial applications.

  • Free as a part of Oracle EBS
  • No redevelopment necessary for mobile
  • Create user-friendly, scalable applications
  • Integration with 20+ technologies
  • Faster development times
  • How Can Adjacent Solutions Help?

    Our team of Oracle experts, consultants, and certified DBAs have a combined 15+ years of knowledge and experience when it comes to increasing organizational efficiency. Using the combined skills of our team and your IT department, Adjacent Solutions will create scalable, user-friendly applications to increase productivity and eliminate the need for large capital investments.

    The Advantages of APEX

    Infinite Possibilities

    APEX makes creating applications that are specifically designed to fit your organization’s goals and objectives easier than ever before.

    Ease of Use

    Development on APEX requires little coding experience, making it possible for virtually anyone in your organization to create applications.


    Forms developers can now easily work hand in hand with UX/UI designers to create scalable, user-friendly applications.


    Need to know how this application will work for you? With APEX, you can test your applications with just a click.

    WellBiz Brands

    Reporting Application – Custom Oracle APEX

    Utilizing Oracle APEX makes it much quicker and more efficient to extend the standard functionality of Oracle EBS. Business process automation, custom report development, application extension, and streamlined user interfaces can all be achieved under one common platform.

    The Client

    WellBiz Brands, a thriving franchisor of experience-based lifestyle brands in the health and wellness industry, advises service-based lifestyle companies with scalability opportunities to grow their business and enrich the quality and balance in their customers’ everyday lives.


    The Problem

    To effectively provide strategic growth knowledge to franchisees, WellBiz Brands needed a reporting application to evaluate and monitor sales and performance objectives. The lack of real-time KPI knowledge for each lifestyle brand led to constraints on prospective growth analysis, profitability, and opportunities to establish improved actions based off results.

    The Solution

    Adjacent Solutions recognized the advantages WellBiz Brands could gain with an Oracle APEX reporting application that provided an ad-hoc and interactive environment for internal reporting, as well straightforward functionality for users. Integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and NetSuite, APEX provided a secure and robust reporting platform, and a single master data management front-end.



    Mobile Order Entry solution to increase sales productivity

    This solution allows sales reps to create a sales order anywhere there is Internet, on any smart device. The sales rep has access to inventory levels, in real time, in order to optimize shipments when working with a customer.

    • EBS Sales Order entry for Smartphones, Tablets, and Mobile Devices
    • Real-Time Inventory Visibility throughout the order process
    • Improved Inventory accuracy
    • Increased per-transaction revenue

    Improved Inventory & Quality Management

    Empowering the inventory management team with a tool that allows inventory management anywhere there is an internet connection with the swipe of a finger.

    • Real-time cycle counts and inventory adjustments
    • Improved communication between sales, fulfillment, and inventory teams
    • Accurate product quality grades with pictures
    • Product lifecycle management notes

    Sale From Anywhere

    Create a sales order while at lunch with your customers, in their office, or at home using a browser on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

    Real-Time Inventory

    Real-time inventory and quality grade information available at your fingertips.

    Productivity and Efficiency

    Integrated systems streamline business processes, reducing batch processing and duplicate data entry.