// Helping Customers Reach and Achieve Year-End Goals

Leveraging Oracle for Year-End Roadmaps

What’s your year-end planning strategy for the next fiscal year?

At Adjacent Solutions, we recognize the importance year-end planning has for businesses. Year-end planning with our team allows our customers to gain annual holistic insight into their enterprise to make informed decisions about the future of their enterprise. Our team of consultants also understands the stress businesses face with year-end planning and preparation.


That’s why at Adjacent Solutions, Oracle-trained specialists collaborate with customers to design year-end planning solutions to deliver results and the resources to maintain their ongoing annual alignment.


Our solutions and services include working with businesses to ensure proper strategy implementation, resource planning, and ongoing maintenance required to successfully achieve annual goals. By making Oracle systems a core segment of your year-end planning, we can help provide solutions and services that ensure your business has a uniquely tailored action plan for success, consulting support, and resources with a trusted team to sustain your company vision.

// Developing An Action Plan with Purpose

Value of New Year Planning with Adjacent

As an authorized Oracle partner, Adjacent has the expertise, tools, and resources to help organizations develop strategic action plans that align their business goals, IT systems, and teams with a multitude of benefits. Combined with our partnerships, we extend expert-led value with access to high-quality products and solutions that minimize risk and increase ROI.


Whether your plan includes budgeting, capital projects, or operational goals, we can help your business with a proactive, customer focus specialized to fit your initiatives.

Change Management

Our team of consultants and project managers work with you at every stage to guide your organizational change. We collaborate with planning, implementation, reliable migration, and more. Whether your change is an industry-specific requirement or arises from an organizational need, we utilize a holistic approach that brings together customer-focus, processes, and systems-driven methodology.

Cloud Migration

We deliver a team of database administrators, cloud experts, and certified Oracle infrastructure architects. Together, we collaborate to create an intelligent approach to your unique needs. Throughout your cloud migration process, we aim ensure your cloud-based environment is reliable and lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Operational Alignment

We guide customers through developing an organizational framework that positively impacts enterprise performance, productivity, and much more. Alignment of processes and capabilities involves integrating a multitude of components such as employees, strategy, and IT. Our consultants can help you outline a plan of action to support your current and future mission and goals.

Project Methodology

We provide a clear project methodology to managing your projects. Our solutioning architecture is a unique design to show our customers how we plan. Adjacent's methodology is comprised of implementation, migration, and/or upgrade-specific technologies to achieve business objectives and goals.

//Consulting and Services That Support Your Plans

Professional and Managed Services for Business Alignment

The Adjacent Solutions team provides a twofold solution to helping our customers with Year-End Planning and Preparation: professional consulting and project support.

Professional consulting with the Adjacent team means we collaborate with your team to gain a comprehensive view of your enterprise and design an action plan specific to your annual goals. Together, we strategize to build a roadmap utilizing our trusted project methodology and change management approach to realign your environment. We assist with business changes, including software or business process adoption, and much more. 

Professional Services

Professional Services

Our Professional Consulting team collaborates with your team to strategize and implement comprehensive transformations for enhanced performance utilizing Oracle solutions and services. Our customer-focused approach provides businesses with project guidance to ensure our customers are knowledgeable on the benefits and opportunities included in our services.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Our Onshore Support Team works together with your team to manage and maintain every level of your on-prem Oracle Enterprise. EBS on-prem users experience the same level of enterprise control and benefits as in the cloud. The advantages of managed services include system monitoring and optimization, business process automation, and improvement.

Once implemented and live, our managed services team provides project support for all changes introduced into your environment, including ongoing support. Our team of DBAs and specialists are located onshore to provide timely and high-quality SLA-backed service to customers. In addition to delivering management or supplemental support to maintain your workloads, we can provide recommendations that enhance your enterprise.

Leveraging Oracle’s continuous innovation model, we can utilize real-time data to provide valuable assessments. Understanding your unique mission-critical processes and the technology that supports them, allows us to maximize Oracle’s end-of-year offers and incentives for your benefits. Other benefits include:

Increased Productivity
Reduced Costs
Aligned Resources
Effective Communication
Reliable Timelines
Mitigate Risk
Streamlined Performance
Increased ROI
// Strengthen Your Enterprise

Services To Benefit Every Role

Oracle experts at Adjacent Solutions work hard to implement solutions and services that bring about change and safeguard your investments. Our main focus is centered around results for our customers that stem from responsible management and predictable cost models. Whether you need governance or a team to take ownership over tasks, here are a few areas in which we can tailor to meet your specific needs: 

C-Suite / Executive Leadership

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Change Management
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Analytics & Reporting

Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Licensing Management
  • Oracle Compliance Advisory Services
  • PCI/PII/SOX/HIPPA Compliance
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Product Security
  • SSL/TSL/Hardening


  • Month-End Close Streamlining & Support
  • Expense Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Tax Rate Automation

Business System Administrator

  • Health checks
  • Assessment
  • Solution Recommendations
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Performance Tuning
  • Platform Migration
  • Upgrades

Information Technology

  • System Integrations
  • Project Management & Execution
  • Project Methodology & Planning
  • Hosting
  • Infrastructure management


  • Sales Orders

Supply Chain/Logistics

  • Year-End Close
  • Transactions
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Order Fulfillment

Human Resources

  • HR System Integration

Oracle Year-End Planning and Preparation Adjacent Solutions
// Working with Dedicated Teams

Projects & Services Designed to Fit Your Timeline

Can’t complete everything in 12 months?

If your business has new objectives to achieve and are struggling to implement a plan or apply resources, we can help. Our onshore consultants and managed services team works with customers throughout the year. We create comprehensive strategies and collaborate to determine implementation and project timelines that minimize interference in running your business.  

Business Process Review & Changes

Strategic alignment of business objectives, procedures, control processes, and more. Trusted consultants that achieve desired results consistently.

Systems Migrations

Systems migrations withs us are designed to fuel business innovation, flexibility, and scalability. Designed with information derived from your technology landscape, we create a more efficient environment.

Licensing & Auditing

Our advisors review contractual and compliance obligations with best practices. This includes new software sales, planning, and upgrades.

Patching & Release

Review, test, and deployment of the latest, stable, releases to protect and enhance your organization's Oracle systems. We secure your environment and perform at top capacity.


We analyze the technical and functional aspects of your organization. Collaborating, we deliver a cohesive upgrade environment that improve and enhance your performance.

Managed Support

Our team delivers centralized support that improves efficiency and productivity. We work in collaboration with you toward successful issue resolution, backup and recovery, and patching.

// Consult with Oracle Expertise

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At Adjacent Solutions, we have specialized teams of Oracle consultants, database administrations, developers, and solutions architect strive to support your business in a variety of project planning and technology opportunities. For year-ending planning and preparation that supports your new year business objectives and goals, contact us about optimizing your environment with Oracle consutlive support and technology. Schedule a call with us to learn more about how we can help ensure your Oracle investment can support your business goals.