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Advantages Of Oracle License Services

Meeting Your Licensing Requirements

Adjacent Solutions’ Oracle license sales and consulting involve a multitude of components. Our team assists with the Oracle technology your enterprise needs to be successful. We provide assistance with new software sales, planning, and upgrades. In addition, we guide customers through licensing policies, distribution, and end-user agreements. This includes ordering and advisory services for best practices.

We are an Oracle Partner and value-add reseller that specializes in Oracle software asset management and technology consulting services. Over the past 11 years, we have helped companies streamline their Oracle license purchases, reduce software compliance risk, and optimize their annual software spending.

License Compliance
License Strategy
Risk Mitigation
Software Advisory Services

Compliance Check

To ensure that your organization is not violating contractual obligation, Adjacent Solutions’ team of experts will perform a license compliance check.

Risk Mitigation

Finding yourself out of compliance can pose risks for your organization, whether they be financial or operational. Adjacent Solutions will ensure that that is not an issue.


One of our main goals is to educate our clients regarding terminology, terms and conditions, and agreements involved in the licensing purchase.

Maximize ROI

We focus on direct and straightforward communication, business strategy, bottom line results, and synergistic outcomes that will bring the greatest value to your environment.