Migration Services

Leverage higher efficiency and reduced risk

Why Migrate?

It would be beneficial for an organization or business to consider migrating from a legacy system or other non-Oracle product in cases of end-of-life platform, lack of flexibility, plans for expansion, and industry instability.

  • Improve IT efficiency
  • Manage higher service levels
  • Make future migrations easier
  • Reduce risk
  • How Can Adjacent Solutions Help?

    As an Oracle Gold certified partner, our team of knowledgeable Oracle consultants is determined to maximize your organization’s efficiency and integration capabilities by optimizing your Oracle system. Our team has worked with the full suite of Oracle technology for decades and will work with you on strategy, planning and execution, enabling maximum return on your IT/Oracle investment. Types of Migration: To an Oracle Product, To a Supported Configuration, Datacenter & Hardware Migrations, To Cloud Software, To Cloud Infrastructure, Platform Migrations, From On-Prem to a SaaS Application

    Benefits of Adjacent Solutions Migration Services


    Your Oracle system can be further expanded, specialized, or even downsized to fit your business and industry’s unique needs or regulations.

    Low Risk

    Adjacent Solutions has the tools and methodologies to help your organization get it right the first time, eliminating the need for future investment or continued expenses.

    Quicker Recovery

    In addition to minimizing and mitigating risk, Oracle systems are elite when it comes to recovering faster from outages and other failures.


    Adjacent Solutions’ team of Oracle experts will be with you from beginning to end, making sure that your organization gets exactly what it needs.