Organizations with an Oracle on-prem managed services environment enjoy many aspects of the system, including application set maturity, customization ability, and in-house ownership and control. However, they also understand that their on-prem environment requires regular patching, maintenance, end-user support, and reconfiguration to adapt to business and legislative changes such as GDPR and ASC 842.

It is important for organizations to partner with an Oracle consulting firm that specializes in both on-prem applications and technology, as well as managed services. With new Oracle features for products like Oracle E-Business Suite in the form of Enterprise Command Centers, a trained managed services partner can provide the ongoing maintenance and updates needed to ensure a stable, secure environment without moving to the cloud.

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Proven Methodologies to Successfully Manage On-Prem Environments

At Adjacent Solutions, customers trust our onshore managed services team of Oracle experts. We utilize best practices and expansive product expertise to support your Oracle Enterprise Environment. Our proven support methodologies are designed from industry-best practices and our own lessons learned since the early 2000s. Our customer support journey starts with a thorough onboarding and stabilization period. In collaboration, we build a plan to support the business goals and perform system-wide optimization. These components work together to enhance system performance and security. All organizations who partner with Adjacent for on-prem managed services receive:

Environment Evaluations & Recovery Plans

During the onboarding process, we evaluate, document, and baseline your organization's Oracle applications, tech-stack, and infrastructure. Throughout this period, our team performs system checks on the performance of your hardware and software while ensuring a comprehensive backup and recovery plan is in place for your organization.

Security Services

We keep you informed on developing threats, monitor application, and hardware vendors’ patch release cycles, and work with your team to develop a comprehensive security program around your Oracle systems.

Compliance & Audit Services

Our team can take some of the heavy lifting of working with internal and external auditors for both day-to-day compliance, as well as annual auditing to ensure there are no violations of data security regulations. Once proper change management and segregation of duty processes are implemented, reports are regularly run to monitor compliance, investigate suspicious events, and detect problems with authorization or access control implementation.

System Optimizations & Enhancements

Our Managed Services and Professional Services teams are experienced in the best practices of multiple industries and technologies. Whether you are trying to automate manual business processes, create a new bank interface, set up a Disaster Recovery site, or migration to Cloud Infrastructure, our team has the expertise to design and implement a solution as part of a Managed Services agreement.

Issue Monitoring & Resolutions

Adjacent Solutions proactively monitors all Oracle products and systems to proactively resolve issues. Additionally, our team responds to end-user requests logged via a ticket, email, or through the support phone number.

Ongoing Maintenance & Updates

Every Oracle system has its own scheduled maintenance schedule. Oracle product maintenance, patching, password rotations, and non-production refreshes are examples of ongoing maintenance and updates that are included in the monthly service costs, significantly decreasing the budget needed to successfully manage your Oracle system.
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Benefits of On-Prem Managed Services with Adjacent

Through our customer-focused approach, our Oracle experts strive to deliver continuous value to your business. We help our customers to avoid risk and financial loss, as well as drive financial gains. By partnering with Adjacent for on-prem managed services' needs, our clients have noticed several of the following benefits.

More Time to Focus on What Matters

Time is freed up to enable your team to focus on strategic, mission-critical projects for your organization.

Improved Management & Oversight

Fully leverage Oracle functionality and achieve business objectives while providing an optimized user experience for your team.

Proven Success Roadmaps & Expertise

Tried and tested industry-specific solutions implemented and managed by certified Oracle experts.

Enhanced Security

Improved application and data security through optimized compliance checks and risk mitigation measures.

Onshore Services

24/7/365 support and management of your system from local product experts to allow more detailed reporting and analysis, optimization, and issue resolution.

Proactive Customer Support

Our managed services team anticipates your support needs and provides proactive care to minimize risk and threats to the environment.

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Managed Services for On-Prem Oracle System

Our team designs offerings at Adjacent solutions to provide your business with the right team and skillset to successfully manage your enterprise. We assist customers with a multitude of services, including streamlining business workflows, maximizing productivity, and monitoring events and alerts. Below are a few of the many offerings we provide customers looking to improve their Oracle systems.

Backup & Recovery Administration/Testing
Recovery in the event of data failure.
System Cloning Refreshes
OS Clone (system partitions) for hard drive upgrades.
Issue Resolution
Process and planning strategies to mitigate and resolve issues.
Patching & Release Management
Patch release maintenance and/or ongoing support.
Monitoring & Alerts
Managing real-time activity to your IT environment.
Security Management
Implementation of policies and processes to protect business assets.
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Work With a Trusted Managed Services Partner for Your Oracle Cloud Environment

We offer our customers a variety of onshore managed services packages for both on-prem and cloud environments. These offerings allow our customers the flexibility to select components of their enterprise to control and what tasks they want our team to take ownership of.