100% On-shore Oracle Support Models

Help is always close by with Adjacent Solutions

Why Does On-Shore Support Matter?

Working with a proven on-shore company is important. Your company cannot afford mistakes or unexpectedly long project timelines. Different time zones can also cause interruptions in communications and language barriers can be critical. According to a Forbes report, 67% of miscommunications contribute to inefficiency.

  • Avoid delays in communication
  • No time zone issues
  • 24/7/365 support available to you
  • Higher levels of control on both ends
  • SLA backed
  • iTAR Compliant
  • How Can Adjacent Solutions Help?

    Having on-shore support is essential—even sometimes critical. The value generated by increased service quality can be measured in productivity, shorter cycle times, reduced error rates, end-user satisfaction, and overall lower support costs. Adjacent Solutions has highly trained professionals located in various areas around the United States with proven experience in developing processes and policies.

    The Advantages of On-Shore Support for Oracle

    Streamlined Communication

    Since Adjacent Solutions is always at most a time zone away, we can guarantee our highest level of support and customer service at any hour.

    Lower Support Costs

    High staff turnover rates for overseas projects require additional management overhead. With on-shoring, these costs are eliminated.

    Greater Control

    Offshoring often utilizes a “waterfall” model, meaning all of the work is fully completed with minimal client input.

    Reduced Overall Risk

    Generally, on-shoring presents less possibility of critical errors, such as misinterpretation or failure to respond in critical situations.

    Case Study

    US Based Support of Global Health & Wellness Product Manufacturer

    A global producer and distributor of health and wellness products utilizes Adjacent Solutions’ US based support in over 30 countries.

    Global Oracle EBS Helpdesk – 24/7

    Adjacent’s functional support team assists with both normal business operations as well as issues as they arise, perfect for companies that want a single point of contact for all things Oracle.

    • Issue Resolution and Production Support
    • Month End Close Assistance
    • Training and Work Instruction Creation

    Oracle Managed Services for Worldwide Operations

    Adjacent provides around the clock support with near-zero annual downtime, ensuring key business systems are available and performance keeps up with the changing business environment.

    • Routine Maintenance and Patching
    • Scheduled Password Rotations
    • Monitoring and Performance Tuning

    Shorter Month End Close

    By streamlining business processes and improving documentation, Adjacent helped reduce month-end close from 14 days down to 3.

    Reduced Issues & Tickets

    Fewer stuck transactions, data issues, error messages, and performance related issues has led to an overall more productive workforce.

    Standardized Processes and Documentation

    Through standardization of business processes and documentation, the worldwide workforce is now more self sufficient.