The Client

With a legacy of over one hundred years and a line of frozen snack products that have been enjoyed for generations, our client prides itself on a pledge to deliver the safest and best quality ingredients.

The Problem

To uphold their promise in value, our client faced the task of streamlining their direct store distribution (DSD) strategy. With 63 locations relying on local-use relational databases, the inability for an intuitive, real-time reporting across all branches created limitations on successful route account management.

The Solution

Adjacent Solutions designed a daily route accounting management tool, integrating BI publisher and Oracle APEX, to streamline enterprise transparency in account management across all locations. This modern workflow application brings advanced visualizations and drag-and-drop action that allow for scalable reporting that improved our clients’ daily route accounting loads and invoicing.


Advanced visualization: Customize and display data to gain insightful analysis
 Increased transparency: Monitor routes and account information throughout enterprise
 Functionality: Dynamic actions, interactive grids, and drag-and-drop actions
 Streamlining simplified: No need to install software
 Connectivity: Access with smart and handheld devices, mobile, and tablets
 Quick Conversion Time: Business process time reduced by 50%
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