Oracle Managed Services Provider

Our expertise allows us to help your organization by aligning IT resources with each unique goal and strategy. With Adjacent Solutions, you will have the ability to address a variety of needs with one team.

Our Trusted Experts are Here to Help

Do you have the skill sets and coverage to manage your Oracle-based systems? Like many other enterprises, you may struggle with having the resources to administer, manage, and monitor your systems regularly. Adjacent Solutions’ Managed Services provide solutions that will scale alongside your ever-changing business. Delivered by our seasoned professionals, these services help maximize your Oracle investment and keep it aligned with your strategic goals.

On-Shore Support Models

US-based expertise means quicker response times by our support staff, no matter what timezone you are located in. Our exceptionally qualified and capable team are experts in their respective areas. Being based in Dallas, Texas also means we are central to any location in the US and can be at your office within hours if needed. You will know us, and we will get to know you.

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Applications, Database, & Middleware Services

Successful database consulting is more than theory. Stability, performance, security, and best practices are more than just buzzwords. Adjacent Solutions delivers a culture that ensures your key business systems will be professionally managed to ensure peak performance, optimum security, and a steady state; regardless of the business environment.

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Cloud & Infrastructure Services

The Cloud is a powerful tool, but it’s not every company’s focus. We are here to help lighten your workload and give you (and your team) back the time you need to focus on running your organization. As your trusted partner, we offer a wide range of infrastructure services ranging from your everyday support to customized solutions; your IT operations are in safe hands with our team.

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About Our Managed Services

Our Managed Services are not “one size fits all”. We work with the business to determine the level of service needed and adjust the managed services to meet that need. Ranging from “keep the lights on” all the way to “Full Managed Services”, where we are everything Oracle to an organization, there is a plan for everyone. Not all companies need the same level of Functional, Development, and Database Administration assistance. Our Managed Services can scale up or down in each area to meet a companies’ ever-changing needs. At the core of each Managed Services engagement is a commitment to ensuring business operations remain normal. Call it a Managed Services hippocratic oath, we not only “do no harm”, but we also function as gatekeepers to ensure no harm happens to your Oracle environment.