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All-Inclusive Health Checks

Getting the most out of your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and database investment doesn’t have to be a daunting process – we can help you improve your technology environment with a detailed health check. 

Thorough health checks, performed by qualified database administrators (DBAs), provide recommendations on the wellbeing of your Oracle technology to keep your enterprise running at top condition. With your organizations unique business processes in mind, our DBAs provide a comprehensive “end-to-end” analysis that identifies vulnerabilities in your mission-critical systems and maximizes areas of opportunities for future growth.

Regardless of how many databases you are running or where your database is stored – on-premises, datacenter, hybrid, or cloud – Adjacent Solutions can help you prepare simple strategies that ensure your EBS system and database are efficiently aligned to meet business requirements and efficiently. These strategies are designed to help you reduce cost, migrate risk, and securely satisfy user demands across your landscape.


Leverage the expertise of experienced DBAs.


Gain unique insight into your environment.


Maintain and monitor to reduce risk.


Streamline systems for high performance.
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Health checks require the expertise of experienced DBAs and can be time-consuming for inhouse administrators. Failure to perform routine health checks can lead to ongoing organizational challenges, including security concerns.

Health checks at Adjacent Solutions help industry leaders gain unique insight into their environment. Customers can expect comprehensive maintenance and monitoring to reduce risk and preserve the integrity of their enterprise, while ensuring applications are fully optimized for stable performance and availability. We provide recommendations that streamline your EBS and database health for consistent performance.

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Operating System Configuration

Operating System recommendations for Oracle operation

– OS user account(s) are expiring, Limits, environment variables

– Check if System clock/date accurate, NTP configuration

– Version and patch levels

Oracle configuration files for system startup, Oracle support tools, and Inventories

– Check if Oracle startup script is present/missing

– Check if Database is set to start automatically upon server startup

Memory configuration and use of advanced memory options

Review YUM settings and automatic updates

Oracle System Configuration

Sizing and configuration of Oracle operational files and file groups

Strategic sizing of Oracle memory pools

Recommended Database parameters

Configuration of Workload Repository for data collection

CIS Oracle Benchmark for Oracle patching and installation

Check if all desired Database components are utilized

Evaluate if utilized components are licensed

TNS Network Configuration and Security

– Review logs and identify external database connections

– Score against CIS Oracle benchmark for SQLnet security

– Connection methods and accounts on database links (external and internal)

Oracle Space Management

Verify integrity for all data blocks, files, and objects

Adequate sizing, allocation, and memory management for tablespaces

Identify high utilization/allocation for database objects

Identify fragmented and inefficient object storage

Capacity planning

Check if ASM is utilized & properly configured

Check if relocation/renaming of Datafile(s) is needed

Storage Structure Checks

– Verify if a NAS, DAS, or SAN is configured and utilized

– Perform a Storage throughput, IOPS, and latency performance test

– Check if Data Replication is configured and utilized

Backup Configuration & Strategy

Review Backup scripts and backup strategy

Recovery strategy is feasible in current configuration

Confirm successful backup history

– Backups are complete and available for database and application recovery

Confirm retention is policy set

Verify crontab & scheduled jobs are configured and enabled

Check if Recycle Bin is enabled/disabled for dropped objects

Security & Monitoring

Check if Database and Server monitoring is configured

Review configuration of Oracle system accounts, system logging

Identify application, development, and personal accounts

Score against CIS Oracle benchmark for Connection and Login restrictions

Identify account privileges and score against CIS Oracle Benchmark for Access and Authorization restrictions

CIS best practices for logging and auditing

Check if Advanced features are utilized

– i.e., Transparent Data Encryption

General Database Maintenance

Review DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs and maintenance windows

Review Cron jobs and any other eternally scheduled scripts

Verify statistics are current and scheduled

Periodic log rotation and retention of desired audit logs


Review alert logs for system issues

Performance analysis of current Operating System I/O, CPU, and memory

ADDM reports for recommendations for improvement

AWR reports for deep analysis system performance

– Capture database resource consumption

– – Check CPU, Memory, Disk

– – Identify DB workloads and busy periods

– Check if there are significant database read wait times


Verify documentation of overall infrastructure is accurate and up to date

Organize findings and create Health Check document

Oracle Database & EBS Adjacent Solutions
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for a Healthy Oracle Environment

Routine health checks are a cost-effective way to evaluate your technology environment before performance issues or exposure to threats affect your organization. DBAs at Adjacent Solutions create actionable plans based off the results of each unique assessment. Using proven methodologies to build each strategy, we can help you inspect your enterprise without losing critical downtime. While our health check team works towards streamlining your personalized approach to achieve key business goals, our consultants can guide you with questions you have regarding our Managed Services offerings or APEX development solutions.

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Where We Bring Value

Performing regular Oracle EBS and database health checks is only the beginning to providing insight to your critical enterprise systems. At Adjacent Solutions, we can build upon our health check recommendations and build a strategy around our services to help you maximize results the results of your technology investment – making your options to achieve success limitless.

We bring value through delivering in-depth consultive, managed services, and licensing solutions to help you effectively manage your technology investment. Our “end-to-end” services are available in any Oracle environment, industry-wide, to reduce cost, mitigate risk, and leverage functionality to achieve business goals.

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