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Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) 12.2 and Database 19c Upgrade Benefits

The latest Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 version, the longest-term support release, provides companies with not only net new functionalities to increase efficiency and overall performance, but also leverages its integrated suite of business applications to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance. In addition to these benefits of upgrading to Oracle EBS 12.2, companies will receive the latest database innovations to undergird their EBS when upgrading to Oracle Database version 19c.

Since Oracle E-Business suite 12.2.2 is Oracle’s long-term support release, it will continue to be supported at least through 2032. There will be no other sequence naming for E-Business Suite outside of the 12.2.x format. To continue to receive software support for EBS, companies will need to upgrade from end-of-life versions of E-Business Suite older than version 12.2 and database versions prior to 19c.

Cliff Goodwin, Oracle’s senior vice president for applications development who oversees EBS, considers the continuous innovation release roadmap – which encompasses strategic investments along with a path to Oracle Cloud – as a top reason why customers are choosing to upgrade to 12.2. Oracle’s continuous roadmap for EBS expands application functionality and usability along with investments in scalability. Another overarching goal across the Oracle ecosystem is to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for companies running EBS and other Oracle products. The technical improvements released in EBS version 12.2 and Database version 19c deliver capabilities that go a long way to lower the TCO. Starting with EBS 12.2, Oracle introduced online patching which has proven to be a major technical improvement to lower TCO. In addition, continuous innovation is delivered in every release of Oracle Database 19c, offering companies high-speed data ingestion, Active Data Guard DML redirect, automatic indexing and Optimizer features, along with Hybrid partition tables and other new technologies.

However, moving to Oracle’s Database 19c environment does introduce some new risks and many DBAs have not experienced some of the intricacies to be successful with these Oracle upgrades, which makes it essential to develop a comprehensive database and application upgrade plan. As an Oracle Partner, Adjacent Solutions can leverage our proven Technical Upgrade Manual and Oracle Project Methodology to develop a specific plan so your company can experience the benefits from Oracle’s EBS 12.2 and 19c database.

We can provide a full-service, turn-key upgrade or simply augment your team with uniquely experienced application specific DBAs who have garnered the necessary knowledge to correctly walk through the upgrade process, harden your environment, and free you from older, security risk and unsupported technologies like Microsoft IE, Internet Application Server (IAS), and Java Web Start (JWS).

Adjacent Solutions’ Oracle Project Methodology blends superior technical expertise with proven project management practices to create a best-in-class delivery framework that can be applied to Oracle EBS, Oracle Database, Upgrades, Implementations, and Migrations.

The initial upgrade planning working session will lead to impact analysis with consideration for patching and performance. Once the plan is complete, non-production and then production databases and applications will be patched and tested. Our proven Oracle Project Methodology ensures that we hand over a fully tested, operational and security-patched environment that is ready for the latest technologies like Windows 11 and Smart Device Support.

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2

The majority of our proven project methodology results from performing numerous successful upgrades, but also adopts key aspects from Oracle’s guide titled, Best Practices for Upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite.  In this guide, the Oracle product team provides an overview of the upgrade process, including planning for the upgrade and various testing iterations. 

In the following high-level flow diagram, extracted from Oracle’s best practice EBS guide, companies running Oracle E-Business Suite can review the steps from evaluating the upgrade in terms of benefits and costs, planning for the upgrade, through to production go-live.

Many companies can effectively evaluate the upgrade and identify new useful functionality that can be incorporated into their operational workstreams. However, if your company needs assistance with this process and/or need validation of the investment for final approval, our Professional Services Practice team members can assist.

Nowadays, software upgrade deliberations should also consider cloud solutions. Oracle’s Cloud solutions have matured over the years, however, sometimes those solutions do not allow for client specific modifications nor fit into every company’s budget. Upgrading your EBS and database to versions 12.2 and 19c, respectively, can be a more economical solution.

At Adjacent Solutions, we have over 15 years of recognized Oracle experience, exceptionable customer service, and predictable costs.  We are staffed with extremely knowledgeable Oracle DBAs, architects, functional and development consultants, and it would be our pleasure to partner with you and leverage our proven upgrade methodologies for your Oracle EBS 12.2 and Database 19c upgrade.

Our DBAs, developers and functional consultants are well-seasoned in delivering standard Oracle documentation that highlights modules, reports, and interfaces needing remediation during the upgrade process. In fact, over the years we have developed our best practice methodology and delivered nearly 1,000 Oracle EBS and database upgrades and migration projects.

If your company is considering an upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 and Database 19c, or ready to experience the benefits of upgrading to the latest EBS 12.2 and 19c databases, then please contact us or call 1-469-998-4500 and ask to speak to our Professional Services team. As a proven Oracle Partner, we can collaborate with you on your next project. We can provide a full-service, turn-key upgrade or augment your team with uniquely experienced application specific DBA who can remove the risk, streamline your upgrade, and stay with your team all the way through post-implementation support.