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True Business Stability with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

At Adjacent Solutions, we provide true business stability with Oracle Fusion Cloud. A comprehensive, cloud-based ERP system, Oracle Fusion Cloud brings together an integrated set of cloud applications and services into a single source of truth. Oracle consultants work in a truly adjacent capacity with our partners to bring about a secure and stable digital transformation. Together, we work to improve aspects of business operations, business processes, and customer experience. Our customers are able to drive organizational change that increases efficiency, lowers TCO, and fosters innovation enterprise-wide.

Cloud ERP is also designed to improve mission-critical areas that drive and support your enterprise visibility. Working together, our team makes it easier for businesses to adapt to customer needs, improve operations, and pivot in times of change.

// Modernizing Your Environment

Innovating with Fusion Cloud ERP

From data-rich analytic capabilities to end-to-end security, Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP delivers an array of benefits. Modernizing your environment with Cloud ERP equips businesses with a robust set of tools and technologies that support their unique operations. Our professional services team guide customers through the Oracle Fusion Cloud implementation lifecycle. We provide implementation planning and analysis of workflows to recommend areas of improvement, optimization opportunities, and to configure Fusion Cloud system to maximize potential. Our team will assist with secure and accurate data migration and training, including ongoing support and maintenance. 

Our partners rely on Oracle Fusion Cloud to support critical business needs such as: 

Financials and Accounting

Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials streamlines financial insight across your organization to improve productivity and make more insightful business decisions. Unify financial data from multiple accounting/financial systems and gain full transparency of enterprise financial including accounts payables and receivables, expenses, fixed assets, reporting, and more. A continuous innovation platform, Fusion Cloud Financials provides digital, real-time intelligence with predictive insight for improved collaboration and improved customer experience.

Key technologies include machine learning and intelligent automation and analytics for:

  • Shorter reporting cycles
  • Unified account data
  • Improved forecasting
  • Confident decision-making
  • Simplified compliance
  • Reduce fraud and other risks
  • Automate processes
  • Connectivity across financial management processes
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) and/or Human Resource Management Software (HRMS)

    Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM and/or HRMS is the perfect cloud solution that optimizes your employee experience from onboarding and throughout their employment. A single source of truth, HCM and/or HRMS delivers a connectivity across your enterprise that creates a personalized employee experience, value, and streamlined processes and engagement. Analytics provide opportunities to monitor and act upon workforce insights for better planning, management, and decision-making around your team.

    HCM and HRMS consist of:

  • Human Resources
  • Talent Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Payroll
  • HCM Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management

    Oracle Fusion CRM delivers insight into critical customer data to understand and enhance interactions at every level. As an integrated set of data-driven tools, Fusion CRM fosters building a comprehensive customer relationship based on information it gathers, connects, and analyzes. Integrating well with other software systems, Fusion CRM data can be aggregated for modeling, forecasting, segmentation, and more. When utilized alongside cloud solutions, Fusion CRM delivers powerful analyzation capabilities across your enterprise.

    Utilize CRM to:

  • Resolve issues within your customer service team, faster
  • Effective management of customer data
  • Sales processes automation
  • Marketing campaign and outreach personalization
  • Sales and marketing team alignment
  • Inventory Management

    Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management is a comprehensive materials management solution that provides full control and visibility of goods workflow across your enterprise. Included are global supply networks which, when combined, help our customers meet demand, optimize costs, and improve customer service satisfaction.

    Benefits of Inventory Management includes:

  • Protecting Revenue
  • Rapid Order Fulfillment
  • Enhanced Decision-Making
  • Automated Processes
  • Manage Internal Transactions Effectively
  • Order Management

    Oracle Fusion Cloud Order Management provides end-to-end visibility and analytics on orders, inventory, shipments, supply, and invoices. Capabilities to configure processes that are unique to your business, Order Management with Oracle means you can be innovative with modifications that drive business change.

    Benefits of Oracle Fusion Cloud Order Management

  • Omnichannel order management
  • Strategic price management
  • Simplified products and services configuration
  • Global order promising
  • Channel revenue management
  • Procurement

    Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement is a comprehensive source-to-settle suite that helps our customers manage their buy-sell lifecycle. Automated business processes, strategic sourcing, enhanced relationship management for suppliers, and a streamlined approach to buying that lowers risk, increases savings, and fosters profitability.

    Benefits of Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement includes:

  • Streamline shopping and manage spend
  • Manage direct materials, services, and complex procurement
  • Increase agility with Supplier Relationship Management
  • Deliver greater value through strategic sourcing
  • Manage supplier contract lifecycle and compliance
  • Increase business value through analytic insights
  • Improve supplier collaboration and productivity
  • Supply Chain Management

    Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management allows our customers to respond faster to market conditions and create a robust network to stay competitive during times of change. SCM with Oracle provides end-to-end visibility, including modern mobility with remote and mobile access available anytime, anywhere, with internet access. Optimize business performance is possible with enhanced forecast accuracy, model scenarios, and machine data to predict trends.

    Components of Supply Chain Management include:

  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Order Management
  • Logistics
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Procurement
  • Blockchain and IoT
  • Analytics
  • Project Management

    Oracle Fusion Cloud Project Management is an ERP solution that provides your team with a clear understanding of financial performance enterprise-wide, to support your organizational goals. Loaded with features that allow you to better manage, control, and standardize your unique projects, our customers are able transform real-time data into critical business decisions with lower risk.

    Project Management features include:

  • Planning, scheduling, and forecasting
  • Resource management
  • Cost management and control
  • Billing and revenue management
  • Project asset management
  • Grant management
  • Program management and reporting
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

    Oracle Process Manufacturing Material Planning is an e-business application that delivers enterprise-wide alignment that matches material supply with demand and ensures products are delivered on time. Seamless integration provides opportunities to leverage information enterprise-wide, optimize inventory asset management, responsive decision-making, and much more.

    Material Planning for Process key features include, but are not limited to:

  • Material and rough cut capacity planning
  • Multi-level graphical pegging
  • Advanced sourcing rules (shared with Purchasing)
  • Enhanced co-product planning
  • Perform online simulations
  • Configurable exception queries and priorities
  • Oracle Support Technologies Adjacent Solutions
    // Modernize with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

    Benefits with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

    Our team of specialists are a full-service team to support your Cloud ERP needs. At every step of your journey, our consultants work alongside you to leverage Oracle capabilities for maximize enterprise benefit. We bring sought after expertise, industry knowledge, and best practices to deliver responsive solutions to your environment. In collaboration, we comprehensively enhance your business and are trusted to provide ongoing support and maintenance for our customers. Our customers gain these benefits from Oracle Fusion Cloud:

    Continuous Innovation

    Receive continuous and automatic updates for seamless business continuity.

    Enhanced Decision-Making

    Connected analytic insight for better forecasting.

    Enhanced Innovation & Automation

    Enhanced analytic, reporting, security features and more.

    Increased Security

    Automatic updates and system protection with security professionals.

    Modern Mobility

    Secured accessibility with mobile or remote workforce.

    Lower Costs

    Lower total cost of ownership, including upfront licensing fees associated with on-prem.

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