Oracle Implementation Services

Stay competitive with tailored solutions

How Does This Work?

When implementing a new system, Adjacent can be your guide during the entire process. From selection to delivery to support, let us help ensure a successful implementation.

  • Business Requirements Gather
  • Software Selection / Custom Solution
  • Planning to Minimize Business Impact
  • Efficient & Effective User Testing
  • Accelerated Time to Market
  • How Can Adjacent Solutions Help?

    Our team of trusted experts and knowledgeable consultants work across technology and businesses, bridging the gap between them and offering solutions that are highly personalized to your unique goals. Our 15+ years of experience in working with Oracle products allow us to do just that; keeping your organization competitive in the marketplace.

    Advantages of Our Services

    Custom Solutions

    Aligning your organization’s technical infrastructure with specific goals and needs is critical to foster higher growth and performance.


    Adjacent Solutions’ team of industry experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience required to improve your organization’s productivity.

    Greater ROI

    In combination with reducing implementation costs, introducing an Oracle system with help from Adjacent Solutions results in higher and faster ROI.

    Increase Productivity

    With a fully customized implemented system, your organization will be able to run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

    Case Study

    Beauty Products Leader Leverages Oracle EBS for Supply Chain

    The fastest growing beauty product provider in the US implemented supply chain functionality inside Oracle EBS to support distribution needs.

    Centralized Inventory Management

    Implementing the inventory modules within Oracle EBS allowed operations to leverage all the benefits of a global single ERP instance.

    • Purchasing, Cycle Counting, LOT Controls, and general controls
    • Real-Time Financial Analysis & GL Integration
    • Sales Order Reservations

    Streamlined Sales Order Fulfillment Process

    Through consolidated picking, packing, and shipping processes supported by standard Oracle EBS functionality, operational efficiencies were gained.

    • Efficient picking by Row, Rack, and Bin locations
    • Automated packing and shipping document generated
    • Shipment optimization to minimize freight costs

    Improved inventory accuracy

    Operations was able to drive inventory levels lower through integration between sales, inventory, purchasing, and fulfillment.

    Quicker time to ship

    Automated processes and documentation has reduced the time required to pick, pack, and ship orders.

    Smoother purchasing patterns

    Tighter integration and inventory visibility removed the guesswork from buyers when evaluating what products should be purchased.