Oracle Integration Services

Tailor EBS with third-party applications

Integration Leads to Innovation

Oracle E-Business Suite is a highly customizable ERP. The integration of third-party applications into Oracle allows for an even more highly personalized business management experience for businesses and organizations.

  • Third-party “on prem” applications
  • Banking services
  • Automated currency conversion
  • Cloud based application integration
  • How Can Adjacent Solutions Help?

    Adjacent Solutions has built solutions that integrate EBS to the most popular on-prem software as well as the newest cloud technologies. Let us leverage our existing solutions to quickly address your integration needs. If a standard integration doesn’t exist between EBS and a third-party product, let Adjacent Solutions design and build an integration that meets your business needs.

    Automated Currency Conversion Rates

    Adjacent Solutions offers a currency conversion rates service that is easy to install and use. For pennies a day, automatically import the currency conversion rates that are important to your business. This service utilizes the same rate sources as more expensive subscriptions, and supports every recognized currency worldwide. And the best part is, there is no subscription required.

    Banking Applications

    Integrating financial applications into your organization’s Oracle E-Business Suite increases efficiency, and can often be the key to preventing mathematical errors. No matter what bank or financial institution your business utilizes, Adjacent Solutions has the expertise and toolkit to help you get started personalizing and getting the most out of your Oracle system.