Software Advisory Services

Comprehensive and Compliant


Superior Software Advisory Services Through Experience & Research.

Over the past several years software manufacturers have been increasingly auditing companies for licensing violations, and companies are spending millions of dollars to gain compliance with their licensing agreements. Technological advances and licensing complexity over time have also created a vacuum for the proper understanding of existing licensing.

In this climate, it is critical for companies to understand potential risks and financial implications posed by being out of compliance. Our goal is to give you peace of mind by helping you limit your exposure and by putting in place a repeatable and affordable process to mitigate risk and achieve compliance.

Adjacent Solutions provides companies of all sizes and regulatory environments expert licensing guidance via our industry-leading software advisory services. We have helped to reduced waste, mitigate risks, increase awareness and transparency, and efficiency gains.


Gathering Information, Consolidation Review and Confirmation, Compliance and Recommendations, Support and Maintenance, License Education and Training

Some of the Benefits Are:

  • Analysis to discover and identify risks and provide advisement to correct any issues
  • Fixed fee offering in the “as-a-service” model
  • Consulting that addresses budgeting for annual support costs
  • Advisement for adoption of new licensing and buying strategies that position you for the best possible compliance and procurement decisions
  • Best of breed automation captures configuration, installation and usage patterns of Oracle software products
  • Help maintain inventory of existing software entitlements

Reputable, Onshore Solutions for your IT needs.