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Today, more companies are coming under scrutiny for software audits than ever before, and Oracle users are no different. The Ernst & Young survey, “Software compliance without tears – Monitoring customers’ software usage in a complex world”, shows that 64% of customers are focusing on audit risk mitigation as their primary compliance objective. This ranked second only to those who cited direct and indirect cost savings as their objective. Adjacent Solutions Oracle licensing services are designed to help companies like you accomplish this objective with Oracle experts who will provide guidance, in-depth data gathering and concise analysis.

At Adjacent Solutions, we take a holistic approach looking at licensing from a business, technology and hardware perspective. It is our goal to help our clients achieve proper asset management that will positively impact the bottom line. With more than 25 years of working with Oracle products, contracts, and licensing – let us be your partner of choice.

Oracle Licensing Services Include:

Thorough Understanding Of:

  • All licensing options & terms, versions, financing, leasing, etc.
  • Oracle licensing, maintenance policies and agreements
  • Product versions, license types and how hardware impacts licenses
  • Virtualization – how it impacts licensing

 Our Team of Experts will Help You With:

  • Understanding the audit and the process
  • Mitigating risk, preparation and navigation
  • Changing technology and how it affects your license environment
  • Best practices around various products, versions, virtualization, hardware implications and maintenance costs
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