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Solutioning Architecture with Adjacent Solutions

Adjacent Solutions Oracle Project Methodology

At Adjacent Solutions, we provide a clear roadmap to managing your projects. Our solutioning architecture is uniquely designed to define to our customers how we plan to implement, migrate, or upgrade specific technologies to achieve business objectives and goals.

Our project methodology is comprised of well-detailed, repeatable approaches that deliver a solid structure for the direction of our customers’ projects. In sharing our project structure, we relay the value Adjacent Solutions delivers, in detail, to how we interact with the crucial elements of your mission-critical systems to bring measurable benefits to your business.

Transparency in our methodology allows our customers to also understand how we apply governance, processes, guidelines, testing, and deliverables to technology projects that drive their enterprise. Our methodology also serves as a reference point for each cycle in our customers’ projects so that partners and stakeholders have a record while engaging with us for the delivery of new systems.

// Our Differentiators

Planning with Adjacent Solutions

What distinguishes Adjacent Solutions is that we focus specifically on the areas that deliver direct impact to our customers’ technology challenges and cross out non-value add steps in our solutioning architecture.

In utilizing a hybrid model, we are able to incorporate unique tools and include value-add elements in our process that give our customers advantages.

During the Planning phase of our customers’ project, we focus on providing exceptional service in five categories to guide and strengthen the project.

Areas where Adjacent Solutions emphasizes project importance includes:

  • Resource Scheduling
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Communication
  • Infrastructure
  • Testing & Remediation
Customer-Focus Approach
Hybrid Model & Value Add Processes
Proprietary Known Issue Resolution Tool (IP) & PMO
IP to reduce setup migration (EOS)
Ongoing Education & Training

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