3 Month Evaluation

“The Trial”

Knowing that it is difficult to trust a new vendor with the support and administration of your critical business systems, Adjacent Solutions offers “The Trial”. This three-month engagement is structured to showcase the quality of Adjacent Solution’s resources, introduce the high touch approach to our relationship, and to put a plan in place for the long term stability of your critical business systems. By the end of this initial engagement, a comprehensive SLA will be created with you as well as a scope of services tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.

How It Works

“The Trial” engagement begins with the identification of a list of “A” items that Adjacent Solutions will work to complete, resolve, or produce a deliverable during the first two months. The first month of this engagement will be at the cost of Adjacent Solutions. No ownership of the Oracle product will transfer to Adjacent Solutions at this time.

Beginning in the second month, the client will begin to log tickets for Low, Medium, and High functional related requests. If database administration is included in the scope of service, Adjacent Solutions will begin to monitor the product and start the transitioning process. The second and third months’ fees will be a fixed rate. The purpose of the probationary period is to determine, by the third month, if a longer term contract will be put into place.

Formal transition will commence during the third month if both parties agree to move forward with the relationship. Under the unfortunate circumstance where both parties agree to part ways at the end of the third month, all open items will be worked until the end of the month and transitioned back to the client. The client must agree, in good faith, to pay the last month’s contract fees.

Critical requests and responsibility for critical services related to the product do not start until the end of the probationary period. The Probationary Period only applies to Managed Services offerings or other fixed fee opportunities.

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