Support Services

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Providing accurate and timely resolution to user issues is critical in maintaining the integrity and user confidence in your ERP system. Adjacent Solutions’ resources can assist with issue identification and resolution as needed or proactively as part of a managed services agreement.

Special Projects

In an ever-changing business world, new development project, upgrades, patching, and the like are also required to keep up with business needs. Adjacent Solutions’ Oracle excellence eases the burden on your internal resources by providing the leadership and technical experience to ensure a successful project. Each special project is quoted upon request.

Support Programs

Timely issue resolution of user issues is arguably the most critical task for maintaining business operations. Having a plan in place to deal with those issues when they arise is one of the best investments a company can make. Adjacent Solutions has programs listed below that will meet whatever SLA and financial goals you have.


Allowing you to control your monthly costs, this program provides a limited SLA but the ability to address any special needs that arise.

Adjacent Solutions has developed a unique approach to customer service designed to provide our customers consistent and highly effective support. Our model combines a well-rounded, deep team of consultants with the familiarity that comes from having a single point of contact. At the heart of our service model is an experienced cross functional team based in the US. Combined with proven processes and procedures that conform to the requirements of SAS70, HIPPA, SOX, and PCI certifications, the support you will receive will be what you need, when you need it.

This program allows you access to Adjacent Solution’s quality resources without any monthly commitments.

Each customer is assigned to a unique cross functional team. Once assigned to a team, this team will be the primary source of support for the customer’s requests. This allows for our consultants to become familiar with each customer’s systems, configurations and people ensuring quicker resolution and a superior customer experience. In the event a request requires multiple skills, someone with that skill and familiarity with the customer’s environment is readily available.

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