STAT EBS Object Support

Eliminate manual tasks and automate processes

What is STAT?

STAT enables companies to be more responsive to the change process. This is done by eliminating time-consuming, manual tasks that introduce risk into Oracle and PeopleSoft based-systems. STAT’s automated capabilities ensure organizations are optimized to manage continual change.

  • Complete change lifecycle solution
  • Specifically designed for EBS and PeopleSoft
  • Integration validated by Oracle
  • Online user community to share knowledge
  • How Can Adjacent Solutions Help?

    Adjacent Solutions is a certified reseller of STAT licenses, and our expert team is prepared to help your organization grow and improve efficiency with the implementation of STAT. With STAT Object Support, you can now automate update and migration processes across all business environments.

    The Advantages of STAT

    Maximize ROI

    STAT automates object reversionings and migrations, saving you time, money, and resources, and allowing you to focus on other projects.


    Gain the ability to manage and archive setup objects, keeping you on track and up to date.

    Time Management

    Schedule migrations after working hours, decreasing internal project timelines and increasing overall productivity.


    In addition to providing user security, STAT ensures application security by blocking and inspecting attempts at unauthorized changes.

    Case Study

    STAT saves Fortune 100 Company thousands of hours during cutover

    Industry leading payroll and resource management company utilized STAT for EBS to save thousands of hours during production cutovers.

    Functional Setup Object Migration Across Environments

    STAT for EBS supports over 300 Functional Setup Objects with Adajcent’s EOS object list. Most core module setups support both inserts and updates.

    • Set up a module once, and migrate to multiple instances, multiple times
    • Migrate setups at a granular level, moving only as little as needed
    • Schedule migration of objects during non-peak times

    Re-IDing Across Environments Ensures Data Integrity

    Unlike other solutions, Adjacent’s EOS solution validates if a setup object already exists and will re-ID the object if needed to ensure referential integrity.

    • Prerequisite object validation prior to migration
    • Copy organization setups to create a new organization
    • Enforce referential integrity across multiple environments

    Migrate complex configurations with a mouse

    Drag and drop a set of changes from one environment to another.

    Centralized change management

    Empower a single person to perform all facets of change management.

    Fine-grain validation reduces errors

    Migrate only valid configurations and get reports of what is missing without having to hunt through multiple forms.