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Advisory to Mitigate Risk

Oracle license advisory consultants at Adjacent Solutions understand the importance of maintaining a healthy licensing environment. Our experts are trained to resolve the impacts proper licensing can have on your enterprise. This includes resolving costly financial risk. To protect your business assets from threat, we look at providing you with the best pricing and functionality tailored to your environment. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your software performs in adherence to your enterprise license agreement (ELA). 

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Navigating Software Entitlements

Adjacent Solutions specializes in Oracle licensing advisory and understands the lifecycle impact entitlements have on your enterprise. We help businesses alleviate the complexity in their Oracle license environment in a variety of ways. Customers utilized our trusted services to align software licenses to unique environments and gain valuable insight on strategies to lessen financial risk. 

Understanding the compliance process with Adjacent Solutions means our trained specialists provide you with a comprehensive view of the audit process. We also work alongside you to create an ELA that best represents your technology licensing needs and protects your business assets. We approach each licensing engagement with our customer's needs in mind. Our Oracle license advisory team strives to create a unique experience and individualized agreement plan.

  • How to navigate an audit
  • How to prepare for an audit
  • Understanding risk
  • License impact your enterprise
  • Aligning entitlements
  • Streamlining your enterprise

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// Understanding Oracle Licensing ELAs

What's Included With Your ELA?

As an Oracle license reseller, licensing consultants at Adjacent Solutions approach your licensing needs with your business needs in mind. We gain and understanding of your technology landscape, paying special attention to understanding the unique software needs of the environment. 

Cost: When you choose Adjacent Solutions to provide licensing advisory for your needs, we collaborate with you to design an agreement with predictable, best pricing, that fulfills the requirements of your business. In developing your ELA, we work with you to outline all aspects of software licensing and applicable updates and/or maintenance. 

 Functionality: We can help you understand the full scope of your software to maximize use in your enterprise. As we streamline your licensing coverage, we cover the capabilities and functionality of your software so that your team can optimize the full potential of your investment. Our team can also assist with any new software implementation and integration questions, guiding you on software interactions among systems, testing, and impact. 

 Performance: Licensing consultants work alongside you to ensure the performance of your software meets the specifications of your agreement. We strive to tailor licensing needs closely to business requirements to avoid disruption to workflows or interruption in business continuity. Our licensing consultants can work with you on the most unique business requirements and software needs. 

Best Pricing

Updates & Support

Usage & Rights

Audit Clauses

// Trusted Advisory to Streamline Your Enterprise

Oracle Licensing Management Service

Adjacent Solutions can help you mitigate risk of noncompliance. We provide comprehensive license management services to help you manage your Oracle landscape and improve your audit experience.

// Predictability with Oracle Licensing

Benefits of Oracle License Agreements

Budget & Procurement

Streamline your budget and procurement processes and alleviate lapse in licensing.

Deployment Method

Discover options in selecting your preferred deployment method for your environment.

Latest Software Version

Stay up to date with recent versions of critical business software and avoid costly downtime.


Review your enterprises' software licenses to avoid paying for duplicate or underutilized software.

Consolidated View

Gain a holistic view of your software investment to minimize risk and future noncompliance.

Compliance Audit

A continual process of evaluating your landscape to maintain license health for improved audit experience.

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