Upgrade & Remediation Services

Maintain and extend software that promotes strategic goals

How Do Upgrades Benefit My Organization?

Your business will have the opportunity to take advantage of new functionality and increase efficiency through process automation, aligning your software investment with strategic goals or increasing workplace productivity.

  • Ensure product support
  • Access to new features
  • Patches & Bug-fixes
  • Security Updates
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • How Can Adjacent Solutions Help?

    Adjacent Solutions’ status as an Oracle Gold Partner plus our staff’s 15+ years of experience makes us a high value choice when it comes to all things upgrades. Leveraging your Oracle system and ensuring that your organization is receiving maximum benefits and ROI is our life’s work, and we’re ready to bring our expertise to you.


    Every business system requires multiple both a patching and upgrade life-cycle management process. Included in this process is the remediation of reports, interfaces, customizations, and extensions to these systems. Adjacent has the people and experience to minimize the remediation across all Oracle products.

    • Report data validation
    • RICE object platform migration
    • Mentor & Training
    • Functionality updating
    • Data corruption detection

    Key Benefits of Upgrades & Development

    Adoption Speed

    The combination of professional upgrade services and Adjacent Solutions’ advice means a quicker and more efficient adoption process.

    Risk Minimization

    The more specified to your organization your Oracle system is, the less likely there are to be mistakes that impact your business operations or financials.

    Service Breadth

    The ability to create customized applications to fit your specific commercial needs leads to streamlined business processes and reduced upgrade times.

    Knowledge Transfer

    Along with creating and implementing these specialized upgrades, Adjacent Solutions’ experts will advise your staff on best practices.