Advisory Services

Identify risks and achieve compliance

Why Compliance Matters

It is critical for companies to understand the potential risks and financial implications posed by being out of compliance. Our goal is to give you peace of mind by helping you limit your exposure; and by putting in place a repeatable and affordable process to mitigate risk and achieve compliance.

  • Information gathering
  • Information consolidation
  • Compliance check and solutions
  • Institute forward compliance process
  • How Can Adjacent Solutions Help?

    Adjacent helps maintain an inventory of existing software entitlements, helps to identify risks, offers consulting for annual support budgeting, and provides solutions to correct existing issues, as well as advisement for adoption of new licensing. We also help position companies for future compliance by advising on buying strategies that allow users to make the best possible compliance and procurement decisions.

    How License Advisory Helps You

    Reduced Waste

    By auditing your organization’s licensing, Adjacent Solutions is able to eliminate processes or components that are going unused, therefore reducing financial waste.

    Risk Mitigation

    License compliance concerns can pose the threat of increased risk for your business. With Adjacent’s help, those concerns will be a thing of the past.

    Increased Efficiency

    Adjacent Solutions’ license advisory services ensure that your organization is getting the most out of the applications that you do need.


    All of our findings and related recommendations will stay between your organization and Adjacent Solutions, guaranteed.

    Case Study

    Oracle License Utilization and Compliance Review

    A 20+ year Oracle customer requires a review of technology and applications license utilization, growth, and support contracts on an annual basis.

    License Compliance Review

    Adjacent provided a repeatable process to mitigate risk and help achieve compliance with Oracle licensing through automated capture of configuration and product usage, maintenance of license entitlement inventory, and compliance analysis.

    • Review of Oracle contracts and ordering documents
    • Identify licensing gaps
    • Plan for future hardware
    • Review impact of virtualization

    Support Contract Analysis

    Using results from the License Compliance Review, Adjacent completed a detailed analysis of support agreements looking for areas to reduce cost based on Oracle Support Policies and simplifying the management of future support renewals.

    • Determine potential support cost savings
    • Co-terminate contracts
    • Simplify budgeting of renewals
    • Management summary of support contracts

    License Compliance Report

    A detailed document that provides inventory of license entitlements, strategic guidance to maintain compliance, and recommendations to improve procurement decisions and mitigate future risk.

    Support Contract Report

    Comprehensive management summary of all support agreements showing analysis of annual cost, alignment with license inventory and recommendations for future cost savings.

    Multi-year Support Agreement

    After terminating support for specific unused products, a multi-year support agreement was put in place with Oracle resulting in meaningful cost savings over the term of the agreement.