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Oracle Supported Technologies

Oracle Cloud, EBS & Database Support

At Adjacent Solutions, our services do more than provide support to your technology environment – we strengthen your core enterprise. With a range of Supported Technologies and full-stack expertise, we have the tools to improve your business processes and drive your productivity. If you want to effectively streamline your resources and manage your business objectives, our trusted consultants can help. With a range of expertise, we can leverage the unique benefits of each core component of our technology offerings. Coupled with comprehensive portfolio management, we can help you alleviate organizational challenges and generate measurable results.

Supported Technologies

With a selection of enterprise solutions, we can help you achieve confidence and stability in your business goals.

Enterprise Applications

We host a selection of software applications that integrate computer systems. Operate your enterprise more efficiently with facilitated activity across your technology landscape with automation, data insight, and more. Enterprise applications are a foundational way to reduce IT complexity and increase agility.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Fusion Financials
  • Oracle ATG Web Commerce
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud
  • Oracle Xstore POS
  • Oracle Transportation Management
  • Global Trade Management
  • Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  • Database

    Making informed business decisions relies upon accessible and high availability data. Consultants at Adjacent Solutions can help you choose a database aligned to your organization’s capacity and work with you to develop a management strategy that allows for future growth and increase in data demand.

  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL
  • Amazon RDS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • Platforms & Engineered Systems

    Higher system performance is achievable for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments with engineered systems. Engineered systems help you simplify your Oracle IT environment by consolidating applications and databases on fewer systems. We help you accelerate deployments and adjust to surges in demand with integrated, scalable full-stack solutions that provide security and reduce your total cost of ownership.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Exalogic
  • Oracle Exadata
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance
  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Oracle Virtual Machine
  • Oracle Kernel-based Virtual Machine
  • Business Intelligence

    Raising the bar on understanding market trends and identifying concerns has never been easier. Business intelligence systems are an integrated approach in converting raw data into information that drives profitable results. We bring together architecture, processes, and technologies that are utilized enterprise wide.

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Middleware

    Dependability in the technology that runs your mission-critical operations relies upon its ability to connect and communicate appropriately across your business landscape. Middleware brings a range of benefits from portability to enhanced user experience.

  • Oracle WebLogic Suite
  • Oracle Content Management
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Oracle Integration Cloud
  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Development

    If you’re ready to standout, our software development opportunities can help you differentiate your business from competitors. Without compromising security, explore flexible options that provides exclusivity to meet unique customer requirements and optimize business processes.

  • Oracle APEX
  • Oracle Application Development Framework
  • Oracle Application Framework
  • Oracle Forms/Reports
  • PL/SQL
  • Python
  • Oracle Support Technologies Adjacent Solutions
    // Why Choose Us

    Adjacent Solutions Supports Enterprise Success

    Onshore support generates increased service quality measured in productivity, shorter cycle times, and end-user satisfaction due overall lower support costs. Adjacent Solutions has highly-trained professionals in the United States with proven experience in developing processes and policies for essential, and at times, critical, onshore support.

    Streamlined Communication

    Adjacent Solutions guarantees our highest level of support and customer service, at any hour.

    Enhanced Business Processes

    Leverage technology tools to streamline processes for maximium efficiency.

    Lower Support Costs

    Onshore means no additional management overhead for high staff turnover rates that occur in overseas projects.

    Greater Control

    Leverage onshore support that allows for maximum client input on your environment.

    Scalable Design

    We offer technology tools that allow you to scale your business in response to changes.

    Reduced Overall Risk

    Onshore presents less possibility of critical errors, such as misinterpretation or failure to respond in critical situations.

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