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Reliable Disaster Recovery

Adjacent Solutions understands that backups are essential to providing a reliable and secure database environment. We can help you determine a backup strategy for your enterprise that protects you from data loss in the event of a disaster. Our experienced professionals assist businesses with cloud and on-premises backups and can advise on preferred backup types and best practices for each.

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Backup Strategies You Can Trust

Threat to your data can occur at any time. Risk of system corruption or human error results in significant downtime and financial loss. Selecting the appropriate recovery model for your technology environment is just the beginning of preserving your enterprise.  We provide a range of backup types to meet your data recovery needs. From full backups to mirroring, our trained specialists look for intelligent ways to securely manage your database environment. We can help you create a unique backup strategy from unexpected scenarios and eliminate the burden of recreating data from non-existent records.

Oracle Disaster Recovery

Full Backups

A common initial backup followed by incremental or differential backups. The most comprehensive of all backups, full backups require more time and storage to implement than other options.

Incremental Backups

Modified or new files created post incremental backup are stored with this option. While faster and relying on less storage, incremental backups require all backups available to completely restore all files. Locating specific files involve searching through several reiterations of backups.

Differential Backups

Data backups that preserve data, saving each difference after a full backup, including a subset of data.

Synthetic Backups

Synthetic backups utilize a full file backup, which is modified with one or more incremental backups. The first incremental backup is created from altered data post full backup. In this option, later incremental backups consist of only changed data from the last full backup.


A copy of selected folders at a given instance. The fastest backup method, all files and folders are copied to the selected location without compression.



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// Planning Your Recovery

Safeguarding Your Data

Backup strategies look different for every organization. Adjacent Solutions brings together a talented team of professionals who understand the functional and technical mechanics of preserving healthy technology investments. We collaborate with our customers to determine the unique components of their strategy to achieve maximum data assurance and reduce the negative impact on the integrity of your business in the event of a disaster.

It's important to remember that backups are only one part of an effective disaster recovery plan. Data protection can be accomplished via several methods. Backups are only one part of a disaster protection plan and may not provide the level of data and disaster recovery capabilities desired without careful design and testing. 

The following are the elements to constructing a successful strategy. 

Recovery Model

Select a recovery model that best supports your environment.

Store and Protect

Considerations for on-premises backup solutions.


We design and implement a backup strategy.


Accessibility to critical data and files in the event of internet disruption.

Crucial Data

Collaborate to determine how much crucial data need to be stored.


All backups should be tested for full read-back verification.

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