Risks Of Staying On Internet Explorer 11

IE11 replacement for Oracle EBS assistance is available at Adjacent Solutions. If you're preparing to move to a new internet browser or are facing technical issues, we're available to help. Not everyone is aware of the threat older versions of IE11 will pose to your organization. Here are three ways IE11 will impact your environment and how we are guiding customers during the new norm.

IE11 Cybersecurity Threats

Unsupported versions of IE11 will eventually be problematic for your environment. Cybersecurity threats to IE11 are numerous, negating Microsoft’s ability to provide adequate security. Vulnerabilities to technology environments include attacks on intellectual property, credit card information, and corporate confidential data. With Microsoft no longer supporting new web standards, the once popular browser has fallen into jeopardy. Old extensions, bugs, attacks on web plugins, and more that plague IE11 means browsing the internet subjects your organization to a host of nefarious activities.

Loss of Access and/or Configuration Challenges

When utilizing IE11 for legacy compatibility, users may experience a variety of symptoms to their experience. Loss of access, functionality, or sizing and position elements on pages might be missing. Incorrect document mode configurations may also mean that elements might also not work as expected or return an error message. Users may also find that their software routinely crashes. For customers struggling to gain consistent access or control of the mission-critical systems, please access troubleshooting guidance at Citrix Support Knowledge Center.

Technical Issues

In some instances, Adjacent Solutions works alongside vendors in the industry to address our customers’ unique challenges. For customers using Citrix Systems and/or Remote Desktop Services who are experiencing technical issues related to the Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) sunset and need assistance, we can help.

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Moving Off Of Internet 11

For customers still relying on IE to access EBS, we can help. Our team can provide assistance with your move to a new browser and setting it up for your EBS R12.2 environment.

To get started, it is recommended that customers deploy a browser using JWS. Register for My Oracle Support (MOS) access to use these workarounds:

– Recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (MOS Note 389422.1)

– Using Java Web Start with Oracle E-Business Suite (MOS Note 2188898.1)

– Set IE browser to English Default Login Page via Oracle Support

– Launching R12 Forms via Oracle Support



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Providing Oracle Assistance for Managed Services and More

We value keeping our customers’ businesses as productive and efficient as possible. Our Oracle experts strive to minimize risk and downtime for best performance results.  Our support includes service monitoring, to network and storage management, we have the expertise to meet complex technology needs in a responsible, cost-effective manner.

We offer an array of areas we can assist your team, including if a change is being introduced to your environment. Here are a few examples of how we help businesses:

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Backup & Recovery Administration/Testing
Broad range of business continuity solutions to prevent system failure and downtime.
System Cloning/Refreshes
Initiate complete or partial copy of your current system that can easily be updated from your source database.
Issue Resolution
Immediate action and faster recovery solutions for unplanned downtime.
Patching & Release Management
Patch implementation to your current infrastructure to eradicate product defects and bugs.
Monitoring & Alerts
Managing real-time alerts of impending problems with the database and system infrastructure.
Security Management
Oversee protection and security of your database from illegitimate activity and use, malicious threats, and attacks.
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At Adjacent Solutions, we can help you navigate IE11 replacement for Oracle EBS concerns. In addition, we resolve critical enterprise challenges brought about by IE11 changes. This includes cybersecurity threats, loss of access, and technical issues. Our team strives to resolve technology challenges that impact your business in the new norm.

In collaboration with our customers, we work with customers to understand their managed services and project needs. We provide support and assistance for a multitude of businesses in an array of industries. If your environment is facing a challenge brought on by IE11 changes or if you have questions about our managed services offerings, we can help. Contact us at AdjacentSolutions.com or (469) 998-4500 to speak with a consultant today.