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Secured Managed Services Infrastructure

Securing your managed services needs is a priority for us at Adjacent Solutions. We help customers with a variety of industry and customer-specific needs. Our team believe in proactively protecting our customers with various services that reduce and/or prevent costly malicious activity that interrupts operations. 

Our services are comprehensive in nature and designed to holistically safeguard the components of your enterprise. From application to technology security, we provide stability with early detection, timely response, and continuous monitoring for enhanced business performance. 

// Continuous Support for Secure Availability

Technology Security

Secure technology environments require continuous support for enterprise health and availability. Specialized teams, like Adjacent Solutions, can provide support to your environment and new deployments that frees your team for strategic activities. Our team can take on a variety of management tasks related to your technology that expands your capabilities and strengthen your posture. For trusted protection of your technology investment 365/24/7, we provide monitoring services and much more. 

Oracle Data Vault

With Oracle Database Vault, customers can control administrative access to their data. This security control prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to sensitive information and preventing changes to the database that are not approved. By sealing off access to data, customers gain greater control to their environment and mitigate risk of intruders.

Oracle Database Vault protection are application-specific and available for:

  • Fusion Applications
  • EBS
  • PeopleSoft
  • Siebel
  • Financials (i-Flex)
  • Primavera
  • Sap
  • Finacle
  • WebLogic Hardening

    Security features in Oracle’s WebLogic Server allow enterprises to create a holistic and flexible security infrastructure that helps businesses overcome rising online security threats. The Adjacent Solutions team guides customers through the lockdown and configuration process that allows them to secure their domain, network, files, and databases.

    Important features of Oracle’s WebLogic Security Service are:

  • A holistic and best standards design
  • End-to-end security for applications hosted by WebLogic Server
  • Flexible and scalable architecture
  • Easy to adapt to tailored security solutions
  • A single source of security rules, security policies, and providers
  • And much more
  • Oracle Database Hardening

    Our team provides businesses with a comprehensive analysis of their database and configuration opportunities that are uniquely designed to address security vulnerabilities with Oracle services and processes. We optimize processes for improved communication, support, and change management within your organization. Our approach reduces risk of data breaches with tightened database security practices and standards.

    Oracle database hardening benefits include:

  • Proven configurations of your database that mitigate risk
  • Decreased deployment time
  • Resolve critical security patches and upgrades
  • Roadmap to harden database
  • Security updates and security product installation
  • Flexible framework for your services, tailored to meet unique database security needs
  • SSL/TSL Protocols – IAS

    Hardening standards are designed to establish a more secure environment that reduces or eliminates risks. Configuring your system with TLS and SSL means we establish authenticated and encrypted communication for private and protected interactions.

    Software hardening standards include (but are not limited to):

  • Network and/or Services: Removal of unnecessary services and implement secure protocols
  • System Audits and Monitoring: Providing traceability and monitoring of environments
  • Patch and Updates: Successful deployments of new patches and updates
  • System Backup: Proper backup configuration
  • Database Encryption (Oracle, MySQL)

    Our team of Oracle experts provide data network encryption services for our customers. We support the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) encryption algorithm, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure integrity to our customers environment. By encrypting network data, we ensure data privacy and reduce threat of exposure as it passes over the network.

    Oracle Database also delivers protection against:

  • Data modification attacks: unauthorized interception of data in transit
  • Replay attacks: repetitious retransmissions
  • Secured Managed Services
    // Recommendations for Comprehensive Security

    Application Security

    Experts at Adjacent Solutions understand the mechanics of your technology environment. We work alongside customers to secure their applications with services that allow them to scan, configure, validate vulnerabilities, schedule maintenance, and analyze target reporting to stay compliant. In our coverage offerings, we help you detect risk and recommend where to harden your posture to limit risk, including prioritizing remediation.  service deployments, and application onboarding. We work with customer to help them assess their application security and compliance risk, as well as providing an understanding of their application functionality to minimize workloads and maximize productivity. 

    E-Business Suite Hardening

    Adjacent Solutions EBS hardening delivers secure computing infrastructure and guidance. We strive to balance risk, costs of security, and the value of protecting your data. Our recommendations to secure your EBS environment include helping you keep up-to-date with your software, restricting network access, and monitoring your system activity. Additionally, we help you stay informed of the most recent security information that impacts your enterprise.

    We help you with your businesses:

  • Hardening your file system, programs, products, and configuration
  • Network to include firewalls, IP restrictions (web server and database listener)
  • Authentication
  • Authorization from restrictions to executables, data, web pages, admin tools, and more
  • Audit that involves configuration, ongoing review, and removal of any unnecessary materials
  • And much more
  • Data Masking / Obfuscation

    We understand the severity data breaches have on businesses and sensitive information, including financial loss. When working with our customers, we take every precaution to safeguard their data. That is why we believe in data masking as an operation substitute when real data is not essential, such as in testing and training environments.

    Common types of data we conceal include, but are not limited to:

  • PII: Personally identifiable information
  • PHI: Protected health information
  • PCI-DSS: Payment card information
  • ITAR: Intellectual property
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    As cyber threats continue to evolve in frequency and severity, multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become a safeguard to validating users during sign-in. MFA provides increased confidence for our customers that requires a combination of factors to authenticate. We can help customers roll out MFA across their environment.

    Our team helps customers:

  • Determine what information they want to protect
  • Determine what technology they will use
  • Plan for the impact rollout will have on employees
  • Integration Security Assessment

    Integrating security within your environment means considering business objectives, IT initiatives, and aversion to risk. Security assessment is designed to ensure your business is safeguarded from threat but must also integrate seamlessly with your environment. Our experts work with you to determine the appropriate levels of security your teams need and to minimize friction that can arise when security is integrated with processes.

    To create a holistic security assessment that best supports your environment, our experts look at creating a cross-functional integration that includes:

  • Understanding business objectives
  • IT/business operations integration
  • Security team integration
  • // Adaptive Networking and Infrastructure Support

    Infrastructure Security

    Infrastructure security with Adjacent Solutions means we deliver adaptive networking solutions that support your hardware and devices. We work with you to identify and mitigate threats, including active monitoring of your environment to minimize security concerns, particularly when adopting new technologies. Our team brings together a variety of business and industry knowledge. Combined with our technical expertise, we collaborate with you to build a unique pathway to adapt to modern mobile and cloud computing. 

    RHEL / OEL Hardening

    Specialists at Adjacent Solutions provide Red Hat Linux (RHEL) system hardening support to protect businesses. Our best practices and standards are applied to securing computer networks, workstations, and servers against local and remote infringement, exploitation, and harmful activity. We help customers plan and provide the tools to secure their computing environment., which includes their data center, workplace, and home.

    Our team delivers security assistance for:

  • Network security: best practices for configuring architecture and hardware
  • Server security: proper installation of applications, patched and secure services
  • Workstation and remote security: identity, address, and mitigate vulnerabilities
  • OS Hardening

    OS hardening is an integral part of a holistic system security practice and ensures loopholes in security are identified and addressed to avoid risk. We understand that vulnerabilities to your attack surface such as poor firewall configuration or passwords. Our team decreases threats to your attack surface with current and best OS hardening standards such as limiting personnel access and removing unnecessary drivers and services.

    Benefits of OS hardening provides:

  • Higher level of security: Implementing hardening techniques and tools great reduces threat to your attack surface, translating into reduced risk of unauthorized access, breach to data, and other nefarious activity.
  • System functionality: Improved system functionality by streamlining programs and functionality. By removing unnecessary functionality, businesses experience fewer operational issues, reduced misconfiguration and incompatibilities, lowering cyber threats.
  • Compliance and auditing: Streamlining your environment creates transparency in your environment that lowers risk to your attack surface and straightforward monitoring and auditing.
  • VM Hardening

    If your organization is hosting servers in the cloud, we can help your team virtually harden your environment with VM hardening security. VM hardening protects your virtual machine and your critical infrastructure, including critical security measures such as, antivirus agents, spyware filters, and other detection systems that would be installed on a physical server.

    Hardening your virtual environment with Adjacent Solutions means:

  • Removal of unnecessary hardware and devices
  • Disable unnecessary functions
  • Utilize Templates
  • Disconnect unused physical devices
  • Patch from OS to VM layer
  • Stripping unnecessary software from a system to limit potential vulnerabilities
  • Protect resources within virtual networks
  • Network Storage Assessment

    System administrators on our team will work alongside businesses to assess their network and storage components, providing full visibility into their environment. We start with a review of infrastructure, security, and performance, then dive deeper to give you a comprehensive view of your network and storage. Assessments provide value for businesses looking to gain a complete picture of their enterprise health or those considering upgrading their network.

    Insight into your environment includes assessing:

  • Users and devices
  • Available bandwidth
  • Patterns in traffic
  • Network or storage issues or concerns
  • // Leading with Best Practices

    Policies & Business Continuity

    We help customers prepare and sustain business continuity for an array of circumstances. Whether your organization needs ongoing support to keep your teams in compliance, or planning for disaster recovery, Adjacent Solutions can help. We collaborate with you to develop a business continuity plan based off your unique requirements. In our process, we look at aligning the core components of your business, including processes, to best practices and industry standards to keep you in compliance. Implementing security polices is an essential part of our process to keep your organization running effectively and smoothly.

    Ransomware Backup Plan

    With security the most pressing challenges business face today, our team of consultants are here to help you prepare a ransomware strategy to recover from attack. Ransomware plans help businesses respond swiftly and effectively should a ransomware threat occur. In collaboration, we work with you to understand your unique environment and apply our methodology to create a plan that enables you to recover without paying costly ransom stipulations.

    We prepare comprehensive ransomware response plans by defining:

  • Scope of the attack
  • Disabling affected systems
  • Damage assessment
  • Recovery plan
  • Security audit
  • Reporting
  • Backup Encryption

    Backup encryption professionals provide optional support for customers who want to ensure all client data is encrypted. By instigating safeguard policies, we can provide backup encryption at the global level, client level, and job level. includes data in an active state, on production servers, or in a preserved state, such as backup tapes.

    Types of backup encryption we provide:

  • Software encryption
  • Hardware encryption
  • PCI/PII/SOX/HIPPA Compliance

    Security and compliance rules and regulations differ by industry and business. Our team is available to help you achieve the configurations needed to meet complicated corporate or government guidelines. In collaboration with your team, we assist with planning and implementing the necessary and unique IT infrastructure to keep you compliant and secure.

    We help customers:

  • Planning: Comprehensive Understanding of Your Network
  • Testing: Compliance Audit, Testing Tools
  • Vulnerabilities: Determine and Address Network Weaknesses
  • Security: Encrypt Data, Shield Against Data Breach and Loss
  • Authentication: Passwords and Security Posture
  • Application Disaster Recovery

    Regardless of your business size, we can help with recovery plans in the event of application failure. In collaboration with businesses, we work to understand your unique recovery goals to design and implement an end-to-end DR application recovery plan. By understanding your recovery goals and technology architecture, we can create a responsive solution.

    Workloads can influence your DR plan. Here’s what to consider:

  • Batch processing workloads
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Video streaming
  • // Eliminate Inconsistencies

    General Maintenance

    As your secured managed services provider, Adjacent Solutions delivers solutions designed to eliminate inconsistencies in your environment that lead to costly interruptions. We help you mitigate security gaps and monitor your network and IT systems. We believe in proactive detection to combat malicious cyber activity. Our experts practice high security standards and are committed to securing your environment through thorough testing, firewall management, and much more.

    Patching Strategy

    It’s no surprise that unpatched systems are opportunities for exploitation and malicious activity to occur, especially for small businesses. Patching strategies are a preventative measure that, if routinely performed, are the simplest and most effective security measure businesses can take. Patching strategists at Adjacent Solutions, provide strategies (and support) that is geared toward your unique business.

    Factors in your patching strategy may include, but are not limited to:

  • Risk profile (i.e., financial institutions)
  • Critical systems
  • Downtime costs
  • Maintenance windows
  • Upgrades
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

    The complex nature of business environments involves a combination of governance, technology, and the responsibility to act ethically. Utilizing an integrated approach, our team brings together best practices with our project methodology to ensure business objects and technology are aligned to satisfy governance, risk, and compliance requirements (GRC). We put in responsive mechanisms to support your enterprise that are flexible and scalable to meet ever-changing business demands while supporting security and compliance goals.

    GRC with Adjacent Solutions means:

  • Governance: Alignment of processes and procedures
  • Risk: Identify and address business and network risks
  • Compliance: Ensure our customers activities meet corporate and governmental requirements and operate ethically
  • Backup & Recovery Assessment

    In assessing your environment, our team of specialists makes recommendations to proactively back up your business and a strategy to recover in the event of failure. Together, we analyze your enterprise, review any issues or concerns, and test your restoration process to ensure its effectiveness.

    Operational value to backup and recovery assessments includes, but is not limited to:

  • Total transparency and insight into your enterprise, including recommendations for improvement that reflect best practice standards.
  • Comprehensive understanding of your backup and recovery capability and cybersecurity risks.
  • Critical Patch Updates

    We provide our customers with critical patch updates (CPU) to help them negate security vulnerabilities. Critical patch updates for Oracle are released four times a year: January, April, July, and October. Oracle will release a reminder announcement each Thursday prior to a release.

    The next four dates for Oracle CPU are:

  • Tuesday, January 2023
  • Tuesday, April 2023
  • Tuesday, July 2023
  • Tuesday, October 2023
  • General Security Assessment

    Anti-virus software, firewalls, and encryption technology are not the only components of having a holistic security plan. Performing security assessments to guard your data on a regular basis are a responsive solution to negate potential cyberattacks. Periodic testing for vulnerabilities can help you develop a strong response plan, strengthen your data backup measures, and promote security awareness in your environment.

    Reasons to conduct routine security assessments:

  • You are preparing to move to the cloud or are currently on the cloud
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Negate new threats
  • Detect security breaches
  • // End-to-End Security

    Secured Managed Services

    In addition to providing onshore support for managed services, our professional team can deliver end-to-end security for your network. Our professionals work proactively to provide responsive, SLA-backed managed services that meet our customers unique industry-specific business requirements.

    Comprehensive security opportunities we can deliver while managing your services:

    Tech Talk: Migrating From Oracle Discoverer
    Patch & Release Management
    Patch release maintenance and/or ongoing support.
    Secured Managed Services Infrastructure
    Security Hardening
    Reduce vulnerability of attack surfaces with Oracle Security Hardening support.
    Oracle Business Processes Adjacent solutions consulting
    Business Processes
    Create and streamline operational workflow for greater insight.
    Backup & Recovery Administration/Testing
    Recovery planning and preparation in the event of data failure.
    Secured Managed Services
    Security & Compliance
    Comprehensive Oracle end-to-end planning and governance with trusted consultants.
    Oracle Managed Services Adjacent Solutions
    Monitor Enterprise Health
    Create greater opportunities and increase customer satisfaction.
    // Secured Managed Services Support

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    We can help your team resolve security issues and prevent attack. Our trained technology specialists are here to design and implement solutions that best serve your organizations ongoing security needs and business continuity. Let our team share our strategies for safeguarding the critical components that support your business initiatives and goals and enhance your business performance.