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At Adjacent Solutions, securing Oracle EBS applications are a critical component to the safety of your enterprise. Comprehensive system safety means we protect your sensitive and/or confidential information internally and externally. Our methodology is built around best-in-class practices and a practical methodology that safeguards your application environment while minimizing risks.

To assess your environment, our consultants provide recommendations in key areas. These key areas for securing Oracle within your environment guide enterprises in minimizing the threat of exploitation and help create confidence in their business operations.






// Transparency in Safeguarding Environments

Oracle E-Business Suite

Best Security Practices

We provide our customers with holistic support of their Oracle E-Business environment. From addressing your landscape to expose vulnerabilities to applying authentication and access limitations, we help our customers better control their operations. 

Through our approach, we prepare customers for securely managing their EBS environment and overall enterprise. With a secure technology environment, our customers can plan with confidence and achieve operational goals. 

Securing Oracle Adjacent Solutions

Patches and Updates

Regularly apply Oracle E-Business Suite patches and updates to address known security vulnerabilities.

Password Policies

Implement strong password policies, including the use of complex passwords and regular password expiration.

Limited Access

Limit access to sensitive data and functions to only those who need it, and regularly review and update access controls.

Role-Based Security

Use role-based security to control access to functions and data within Oracle E-Business Suite.

Monitor and Audit

Monitor and audit user activity within Oracle E-Business Suite to detect suspicious behavior and potential security threats.

Network Security Measures

Implement network security measures, such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and encryption, to protect data.

Data Security Measures

Implement data security measures, such as database encryption and data masking, to protect sensitive data at rest.

Security Assessments and Penetration Testing

Regularly perform security assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing

The purpose of penetration testing is to evaluate the security of a system and prevent data breaches by using the same tools, techniques, and processes that hackers use.


Train employees on security best practices and provide ongoing security awareness training to help prevent security breaches.

// Safeguarding Your Investments

Benefits of Securing Your Oracle EBS Environment

Securing your Oracle EBS technology investment means establishing a protected environment to execute operational goals. Our consultants collaborate with your team to harness the powerful capabilities of Oracle EBS and maximize its benefits.

Operations Confidence


Single Source of Truth

Enhanced Reporting

Reduced Costs

Business Performance


Reduced Downtime

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