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Delivering Change Management Solutions

Business leaders across the world experience a myriad of shifting priorities and needs in their organizations. While requirements and demands may vary, Adjacent Solutions continues to support our customers consistently. We deliver an array of managed services opportunities, support models, and solutions, including change management support. Change management transformations make critical workplace adaptations possible and are essential to maintaining a healthy organization.

While conditions that impact businesses continuously evolve, we believe the fundamentals of reliable support remain the same. Our team of consultants and project managers work with you at every stage to guide your organizational change. We collaborate with planning, implementation, reliable migration, and more. Afterwards, our ongoing managed services support staff is here to help you sustain your environment for long-term, positive results. In addition, we strive to practice clear communication to bolster confidence and positive impact for internal teams and customer experience.

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Bringing About Intentional Change

We value being trusted consultants for your technology needs. Whether your change is an industry-specific requirement or arises from an organizational need, we utilize a holistic approach that brings together customer-focus, processes, and systems-driven methodology.

As a trusted consultant, we utilize a project methodology built around best practices and Oracle expertise. Our team works together with you to thoroughly assesses your current environment. We review business objectives, requirements, and goals, and provide recommendations on the smoothest path to completion. Our Oracle professionals deliver the technology tools and resources needed to help ensure a successful transition. Throughout the change management process, we also help organizations introduce the new solution to their team. We assist with resources to successfully ensure project goals and initiatives are met and eliminate costly breakdowns in communication. When implementing a new technology, our change management support team trains end users. 

Change Management Modernization Team

Change Management Process

At Adjacent Solutions, customers can expect consultants and project managers to work closely between teams to:

Identify & Manage Risks and Opportunities
In this stage, we collaborate with you to identify personnel and associated tasks, authorized access and/or permissions holders, detect bottlenecks, and assess the risk of the new framework.
Develop The Enhanced Environment
In this phase, we create transformative solutions that address our customers' challenges. Our solutions include process changes to ensure they are aligned with our customers to bring the desired outcome. Throughout this stage, we outline metrics and determine standards for success.
Implement New Environment & Enable Workforce
In this step, we implement solutions and processes across workflows within the enterprise. Once launched, we work alongside organizations to ensure a successful transition to the new environment. Testing continues to remedy any bugs or issues end-users find.
// Continuous Oracle Support

Managing Ongoing Change Management Support

Once your organization successfully transitions to a new platform, Adjacent Solutions works alongside you to ensure these adjustments do not degrade performance within your network. Our staff can also assist with monitoring, maintaining, and properly managing any ongoing support needs to ensure your enterprise continuously avoids conflicts within your network.

// Collaborating with Adjacent Solutions

Leveraging Oracle to Meet Your Unique Needs

We offer the knowledge and experience that allows customers to successfully implement a number of professional services for Oracle-related projects. Our team can work to help optimize your system and infrastructure based on specific needs and industry requirements.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Business Process Reengineering
Data-driven discovery to deliver workflow & process improvement strategy unique to organization.
Product Lifecycle Management
Implement integrated systems to enable organizations to develop and commercialize products.
Oracle Managed Services Adjacent Solutions
EBS Health Check Assessments
Perform data analysis after evaluating existing procedures and system status to provide recommendations.
Project Planning & Management
Leading and developing the scope of an ERP project while staying within time and budget constraints.
License Advisory & Management
Open, transparent, and definitive assessment of an organization's compliance position.
Project Implementation & Execution
Project completion and deployment into system.

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Consultants and project managers at Adjacent Solutions aim to provide best-in-class change management solutions based on the latest practices. We deliver comprehensive educational resources, on-prem and cloud support services, as well as solutions that drive Oracle innovation at its highest levels with maximum returns. Our change management professionals collaborate with our customers to understand their unique needs and objectives to deal with modern changes in technology during a pivotal time of massive global constraints. Connect with us to get back on track and learn more about how we can help successfully manage your concerns and relieve your team of technical complexity.