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In the past decade, a major increase in businesses began choosing to outsource Oracle administration and support activities. Some businesses opt to select an Oracle Partner. Oftentimes, to reduce costs, the majority of the support is provided from offshore resources. This often leads to end-user frustration and delayed progress on support issues and enhancements. Offshore resources often result in security challenges. Adjacent Solutions solves these issues with our Onshore Managed Services solutions. 

Here at Adjacent, we offer multiple Onshore Managed Services packages. Priced competitively to traditional models, each managed service package has a wide range of benefits. The advantages of managed services with our team include different levels of system monitoring and optimization, business process automation, and improvement. Our offerings also include security administration and best practices. Work in collaboration with you toward successful issue resolution, backup and recovery, and patching.

Some of the most common reasons our clients have partnered with us for onshore managed services include having:

Experienced Consultants, Developers, and DBA's

High-quality results and confidence that your system will be managed successfully alongside your team.

Reduced Overall Risk

Minimized gaps in communication, reducing the risk of errors and security breaches while ensuring compliance where needed.

Efficient, Streamlined Collaboration

Year-round, 24/7 scalable support for all your Oracle Application, Tech-Stack, and Infrastructure needs.

Cost Savings & Predictability

No additional in-house management overhead costs that can occur in overseeing offshore projects.

Consultive Approach & Alignment

Solutions that are aligned to your business goals, based on best business practices from experienced Oracle Consultants.

Partner Accessibility

Regional Adjacent teams can be onsite to discuss your Oracle Roadmap or to work face-to-face to resolve that troublesome issue.

// Supporting On-Prem & Cloud Oracle Clients

Onshore Managed Solutions for All Oracle Environments

We prioritize providing timely support to manage day-to-day critical business activities and IT strategy for all our customers. From troubleshooting to proactive maintenance, we strive to deliver smart solutions to the most complex technological challenges.

On-Prem Environments

On-Prem Environments

Our Onshore Support Team works together with your team to manage and maintain every level of your on-prem Oracle Enterprise: server hardware, virtualization operating system, databases, applications, integrations, business processes, and issue resolution.

Cloud Environments

Cloud Environments

Our certified Oracle Cloud Consultants leverages the benefits of Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to meet your business requirements and provide support for security threats, regulatory compliance, and data management.

// Tailored To Any Organization or Industry

Onshore Managed Service Packages

We offer our customers a variety of onshore managed services packages for both on-prem and cloud environments. Our offerings allow our customers the flexibility to decide what components of their enterprise they want to control. As your managed services provider, you decide what tasks our team can take ownership of. As more businesses move off-prem, learn more about the benefits and capabilities of Oracle cloud managed services.

Backup & Recovery Administration/Testing
Recovery in the event of data failure.
System Cloning Refreshes
OS Clone (system partitions) for hard drive upgrades.
Issue Resolution
Process and planning strategies to mitigate and resolve issues.
Patching & Release Management
Patch release maintenance and/or ongoing support.
Monitoring & Alerts
Managing real-time activity to your IT environment.
Security Management
Implementation of policies and processes to protect business assets.
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At Adjacent Solutions, we have specialized teams of Oracle consultants who understand the concerns and requirements associated with choosing the right managed services provider. Our team of seasoned Oracle applications consultants, database administrations, developers, and solutions architects are standing by to help support your enterprise business systems. Schedule a call with us to learn more about how we can help ensure your Oracle investment can support your business goals.

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