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Oracle Patch & Release Management

A comprehensive patch and release management strategy is key to maintaining the security and integrity of your Oracle business systems. Our consultants utilize the latest best practices to provide proactive updates, that keep your environment running smoothly. In addition, we review, test, and deploy the latest, stable, releases to protect and enhance your organization's Oracle systems.

Security Improvements

Mitigate and remediate vulnerabilities and threats that compromise critical business systems and infrastructure.

Bug Fixes

Resolve known issues and bugs that range from minor to critical in nature. This often includes PSU and CPU patching as well as minor release patching for larger applications.


Adding new modules, integrations, user interface updates, or functionality is important to keep up with an organization's changing business requirements.

Feature Upgrades

Introduce newer features and capabilities to existing products, modules, and functionality. Often required to address legislative or technology changes.

Managing Your Patch Releases and New Deployments

Patch management support for critical systems is designed as a holistic process. We believe managing a secure patch environment is a routine effort that requires research and repair of vulnerabilities to protect your network and assets, ensure performance is maintained, and stay in compliance to avoid fines and penalties. Yet, most companies fall behind in updating patches and fail to keep track of vulnerabilities. Avoiding these steps means missing critical opportunities to ensure the correct application and deployment of patches while also introducing risk into an environment. The Adjacent Solutions team follows a streamlined methodology to securing your technology environment. Our process includes:

Reviewing New Patch Releases

Our consultants review ongoing patch releases and new patch releases. With a multitude of patches designed for solving system issues, software performance, and more, it makes sense to have a trusted advisor and strategist for navigating patch management holistically.

Testing Current Environment for Compatibility

Testing for compatibility for your applications, integration, and business processes to avoid conflicts with existing technology.

Prioritizing Needed Patches

Prioritizing updates and new deployments for severity and vulnerabilities. Deploying the correct patches in the right priority is key to dependably protecting devices and software and minimizing threats throughout the entire enterprise.

Installing, Automating, & Deploying New Patches

Implementing multiple patches across endpoints successfully requires environment monitoring. Our team monitors your environment throughout the process to ensure the successful completion of deployments and tracking for compliance. These processes and tasks can be automated alongside human oversight for greater control of your environment.

Monitoring New Patches

Post-deployment we work alongside our customers to ensure their critical systems, functionality, and more are running without complications.

Oracle Support Technologies Adjacent Solutions
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Patch & Release Management in the Support Lifecycle

Our consultants strive to provide educational resources, services, and solutions that drive Oracle innovation at its highest levels with maximum returns. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help successfully manage your concerns and relieve your team of technical complexity.

The Adjacent Solutions Managed Services team can provide an ongoing patch and release management strategy for your environment. Our consultants work alongside inhouse Oracle talent that includes product specialists and database administrators. Together, we can provide an ongoing patch and release management strategy that adheres to your organization's business requirements. In addition, we monitor and maintain your IT governance, risk, and compliance policies. 

Oracle releases monthly Critical Patch Updates (CPS) to keep users informed of upcoming releases. Users can sign up for Oracle’s proactive, cumulative, patch updates here



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Database Upgrades & Migrations

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"Patch Current" During an Oracle Upgrade Project

Organizations often utilize a major upgrade project to patch all aspects of their Oracle Enterprise. The consultants and Oracle-trained specialists within Adjacent Solution's Professional Services team can provide project-related support to meet the needs of your upgrade project. We help customers identify critical areas of their Oracle business systems to develop a patch and release management project plan. Below are some of the areas we can help streamline database and system performance. Contact us for a full range of ways we can leverage Oracle technology to meet your needs.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Adjacent Solutions
Enhancements & Bug-Fixes
Patch and/or deploy new product versions to enhance capabilities and fix issues.
Platform Hardening
Analyze and configure your database to address security vulnerabilities.
Disaster Recovery
Scalable, secure solutions for backup/restore and database failure.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Adjacent Solutions
Platform Migration
Developing new platform strategies, executing system moves, and consolidating data centers.
Performance Tuning
Simplify the process of accessing and altering information in your database.
Platform Upgrades
Stay current with latest features, security updates and performance improvements.
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Our team delivers educational resources, services, and solutions that drive Oracle innovation at its highest levels with maximum returns. Speak with us to learn more about how we can help successfully manage your concerns and relieve your team of technical complexity.