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What is Oracle APEX?

In addition to implementation services, businesses can leverage Oracle Application Express (APEX).

Adjacent Solutions provides Oracle APEX services and support. Our professional services team helps organizations create responsive solutions to changes in business demand. Benefits of APEX include deployment opportunities on-prem or in the cloud and the ability to scale enterprise applications as workflow and business needs evolve. As a low-code development tool, build time for APEX applications is 38% less than traditional methods.

Quicker project initiation
Reduced capital investment
AWS & OCI Certified Architects

Oracle APEX

APEX Consulting Services

Adjacent Solutions works with you to create easy-to-use, custom APEX mobile, reporting tools, and inventory applications.

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Solve Business Challenges Without Compromising Security

Low-code applications do not mean fewer features or security. Oracle APEX services and support with Adjacent Solutions ensures your team maximizes development opportunities. APEX features include six elements of application development. Each functional component allows your team to build apps that solve real-world challenges. These components create opportunities to experience data in enhanced visual and customizable ways without jeopardizing your network. 

Changing business processes and the need to stay competitive create endless areas to leverage APEX advantages. Let's work together to implement APEX into your Oracle EBS business processes makes it easier to create these crucial applications.


Robust Performance with

Oracle APEX

We help clients achieve robust performance with Oracle APEX in unique ways.

At Adjacent Solutions, we create scalable solutions in Oracle APEX for industry leaders looking to drive their competitive edge. Highly customizable, solutions in APEX give your organization the ability to achieve a wide array of technology opportunities. The power of Oracle is in its limitless real-time, interactive, and analyzing potential.

Our process for developing your APEX applications is simple: we believe strongly in collaboration. Our professional consultants work alongside customers to help power businesses with the knowledge and tools to achieve solutions.

Daily Route Accounting

Intuitive, real-time reporting for successful route account management for a frozen snack industry leader.


Reporting Solution

Real-time KPI knowledge for growth analysis, profitability, and improved actions for a health and wellness industry leader.


Sales Portal

Improved distribution management and visual catalogue for products for a horticultural industry leader.


How Can Adjacent Solutions Help with Oracle EBS & APEX?

At Adjacent Solutions, we deliver comprehensive skillsets with a diverse team. Our professional services team is comprised of Oracle experts, consultants, and certified DBAs. Together, we have a combined 15+ years of knowledge and experience. 

When it comes to increasing organizational efficiency, we're here to help. Using the combined skills of our team and your IT department, Adjacent Solutions will create scalable, user-friendly applications to increase productivity and eliminate the need for large capital investments.

Infinite Possibilities
APEX makes creating applications that are specifically designed to fit your organization’s goals and objectives easier than ever before.
Development on APEX is designed to provide scalable features, making it possible to create sophisticated and secure applications.
Forms developers can now easily work hand in hand with UX/UI designers to create scalable, user-friendly applications.
Need to know how this application will work for you? With APEX, you can test your applications with just a click.