With the release of Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) 12.2.11 and Enterprise Command Centers (ECC), ongoing updates for applications and technology will continue through 2023 without the need for major upgrades. Oracle innovations with ECC include industry-focused and cross-industry investment initiatives comprised of improvements in functionality, key enhancement, and new features across three main categories: Modern User Experience, Functional Innovation, and Operational Efficiencies.

By leveraging new ECC tools that support users, Adjacent Solutions can assist customers with unique industry-specific challenges. ECC helps users identify and act on urgent, industry-specific issues without the need to utilize customized reports from within the organization. This release will provide previous updates, created as one-patches for prior 12.2 releases. Users can find the EBS 12.2.11 release update pack (RUP) deliver on My Oracle Support as Patch 31856789.

Exploring Possibilities Within Modern User Experience

ECC in the Modern User Experience will continue to be a focus for Oracle and is comprised of 32 command centers with an array of 110 dashboards across many EBS product areas. By leveraging command center dashboards, with advanced key indicators, filters, and search options, users can maximize expanded reporting capabilities while reducing IT demand for customizations.

In this module, users will see increased opportunities to deliver improved analysis within critical product areas. Users will also see:

  • Two new command centers, Payroll and Project Manufacturing
  • Enhancements to the ECC framework
  • New dashboards that support manufacturing, billing, and service initiatives
  • Pop-up features

To deploy command centers, environments must run EBS 12.2.4 or higher and are offered for licensed users of EBS products at no cost. The latest release levels are not required for the latest command center updates.

Modern User Experience product areas include:

  • Financials
  • Procurement and Projects
  • Order Management and Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Asset Lifecycle and Service
  • Human Capital Management

Expanding Functional Innovation

For large organizations that rely on unique, industry-specific capabilities, EBS 12.2.11 provides additional enhancements. Components of Functional Innovation houses many of the complex organizational capabilities businesses require to provide successful industry-focused and cross-industry investment focus.

Enhanced capabilities include:

  • Buy/Sell transactions (for federal agencies)
  • Procurement for Engineering and Construction companies requiring bulk purchasing
  • Budgetary control for labor and non-labor transactions have been improved upon for industry-focused investments.

For cross-industry, users will see functionality changes across supply chain management areas including, but not limited to the below

Enhanced functionalities include:

  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Time entry

To support cross-industry investments, Oracle has provided additional APIs in EBS 12.2.11 for extensions and integrations. These modifications will assist with an assortment of needs including inventory, warehouse management, and process manufacturing.

Improving Operational Efficiency

In recent times, an increase in businesses transitioned from on-premises EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For this, Oracle provides EBS Cloud Manager automation. EBS Cloud Manager comes with a host of automation capabilities that assist businesses with the cloud migration process. With Oracle EBS 12.2.11, provisioning aids businesses in establishing new technology environments, as well as transitioning on-premises systems to the cloud. With lifecycle management, tasks are automated in the cloud, and flexibility to scale is available.

Database architecture is also improved with the release of schema architecture which enhances opportunities within the system, resulting in improvements between responsibilities and securities, as well as less complicated integration, faster database certifications, and more.

Expand Your System's Capabilities

Interested in learning more about how the updates can maximize operational success for your organization? With new Oracle innovations with ECC tools, Adjacent Solutions can help customers develop a support strategy to rapidly and responsibly adapt to changes that affect businesses today. To learn more, visit Oracle’s Common Questions + Answers informational page or contact a consultant at AdjacentSolutions.com or (469) 998-4500.