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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
5 Advantages to Optimizing Your ERP System
As the world continues to recover in the post-pandemic landscape, businesses are looking for reliable ways to respond and improve their technology performance.
On-shore Oracle Cloud Consulting
Unlocking the Power of Oracle Cloud: A Comprehensive Guide
Oracle Cloud consulting services should encompass a suite of expertise, methodologies, and strategies aimed at helping organizations harness the true power of Oracle Cloud.
assessing Oracle Cloud business objectives
Assessing Business Objectives During Oracle Cloud Consulting
Here at Adjacent Solutions, we know the best step in any client relationship is to get to know our client as much as possible by assessing business objectives.
Cost optimization in Oracle Cloud
Cost Optimization in Oracle Cloud
Let’s face it, any advantage in business helps. Optimizing costs in Oracle Cloud solutions proves important to ensure that businesses are getting the most out of their investment.
Oracle DBA Support - Adjacent Solutions
The Importance of Oracle DBA Support
Current business demands ask a lot from your database technology. However, databases prove complex and difficult to manage for many reasons.
how to improve your business processes with Oracle
How to Improve Your Business Processes With Oracle
This question may not have crossed your mind unless your company feels the pain of a prior software solution not providing the proper fit.
Oracle Cloud Computing
Oracle Cloud Computing
Oracle Cloud Computing is a great option. As a powerful and versatile platform, it can help businesses of all sizes save money, scale their operations, and innovate faster.
Oracle Cloud Solutions
Oracle Cloud Solutions to Consider
We discuss some of the most popular Oracle Cloud Solutions that businesses should consider. We also provide a brief overview of solutions and explain how they can benefit your business.
Oracle Enhanced Security And Compliance: Encryption
Oracle Enhanced Security and Compliance: Encryption
Oracle Enhanced Security and Compliance proves a vital tool in battling the increasing threats posed by security threats.
Oracle Security Alerts and Updates
Oracle Enhanced Security and Compliance: Security Alerts and Updates
With Oracle Enhanced Security and Compliance, you can receive alerts and updates to stay informed and take immediate action if an issue arises.
Multi-factor authentication
Oracle Enhanced Security and Compliance: Multi-Factor Authentication
MFA adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide two or more pieces of evidence, verifying identity prior to receiving database access.
Oracle database hardening
Oracle Enhanced Security and Compliance: Database Hardening
The risk of unauthorized access is one of the most common threats to any organization’s information security landscape. Database hardening helps to protect from vulnerabilities.
Oracle Enhanced Security And Compliance
Oracle Enhanced Security and Compliance in a Nutshell
Oracle enhanced security and compliance prove invaluable to businesses looking to protect their data assets in a global arena.
E-Business Suite to Cloud ERP
Oracle E-Business Suite to Cloud ERP
As organizations increasingly embrace cloud solutions, Oracle has introduced Oracle Cloud ERP as a next-generation platform.
E-Business Suite to Cloud ERP
Oracle E-Business Suite to Cloud ERP: Part 2
While cost is one consideration, when it comes to the additional benefits of migrating from Oracle E-Business Suite to Cloud ERP, the “i’s” have it.
E-Business Suite to Cloud ERP
Oracle E-Business Suite to Cloud ERP: Part 3
When you migrate to Oracle Cloud ERP, you gain comprehensive functionality to meet the diverse needs of your business.
Cloud ERP vs. NetSuite
Oracle Cloud ERP vs. NetSuite: What’s Right for Your Business?
Oracle Cloud ERP and NetSuite are two popular cloud-based software suites that offer ERP solutions.
switch to Oracle Cloud
4 Reasons To Switch To Oracle Cloud Today
We believe a switch to Oracle Cloud proves worthwhile for your business for a number of reasons.
Splash BI Can Help Your Business
How SplashBI Can Help Your Business
SplashBI provides a powerful analytics and reporting platform that helps businesses make data-driven decisions.
Oracle Discoverer Migration and Export
Tech Talk: Migrating from Oracle Discoverer
For those of you who appreciate diving under the hood a bit to see the engine, we look at options when migrating from Oracle Discoverer.
protect Oracle system from ransomware
How Do I Protect my Oracle Systems Against Ransomware?
Unfortunately, protecting your Oracle systems from ransomware might not cross the mind of many business owners.
Secured Managed Services Infrastructure
Secured Managed Services Infrastructure
With the ever-growing threat landscape, ensuring the security of critical infrastructure and protecting against advanced threats equals paramount importance.
Comprehensive application security
Comprehensive Application Security
Comprehensive application security is essential for organizations to protect their sensitive data and comply with regulatory requirements.
adaptive networking and infrastructure security
Adaptive Networking and Infrastructure Security
We examine the measures, strategies, and technologies implemented to protect and secure the network and infrastructure components of an organization.
Mergers and Acquisitions, Oracle Apex, Oracle Tech-Stack Support
Adjacent Solutions: Mergers and Acquisitions, Oracle Apex, Oracle Tech-Stack Support
Mergers and Acquisitions, Oracle Apex, and Oracle Tech-Stack Support. These solutions are 3 of many ways Adjacent Solutions customizes solutions for your business.
oracle consulting adjacent solutions enhance EBS with ECC
Enhance Your Oracle EBS Supply Chain with Enterprise Command Center
Leverage Oracle's ECC to enhance forecasting and inventory management capabilities in your supply chain environment.
Adjacent Solutions Secured Managed Services
Securing Your Managed Services
Secured managed services is the practice of outsourcing responsibility for the day-to-day management and support of a company’s IT infrastructure and systems
mitigate security gaps
Mitigate I.T. Systems Security Gaps
Today’s digital landscape requires businesses to mitigate security gaps in their I.T. systems to ensure security and continuity.
disaster recovery adjacent solutions oracle consulting
Policies and Business Continuity
Business continuity refers to the ability of a company or organization to continue operating during and recover from disruptive events or potential threats.
Oracle MWA
How to Configure iPhone for MWA
In this blog, you'll learn how to configure an iPhone for Mobile Workforce Automation (MWA) and applying and/or updating patches.
Oracle EBS End-Year Tips
Oracle EBS Year-End Tips
Looking for Oracle EBS year-end tips from a financial and inventory standpoint? We can help!