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Migrate Your Enterprise to Oracle Cloud

Cloud migrations are an important part of your business strategy. At Adjacent Solutions, we have Oracle experts who understand the concerns and requirements associated with business needs. To begin, we deliver a team of database administrators, cloud experts, and certified Oracle infrastructure architects. Together, we collaborate to create an intelligent approach to your unique needs. Throughout your migration process, we aim ensure your cloud-based environment is reliable and lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Delivering Cloud Migrations

Adjacent Solutions supports Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Amazon Web Service (AWS) platforms to drive business innovation and deliver powerful benefits.

Whether migrating from on-premises to the cloud, from cloud-to-cloud, or to create a hybrid environment, Adjacent Solutions brings trusted experience. With our guidance, our team is ready to help you design an enterprise that performs based on your needs. 

At Adjacent Solutions, cloud customers experience a reduced CAPEX environment that result when transforming IT expenditure from hardware to a pay-as-you-go, operational subscription model that reduces your overhead. 

In addition, our Oracle experts address a range of questions that guide our customers on a responsible path to creating a technology product that is reliable and is built with the functional and technical specifications that support the demand of their business.

We can help you migrate any workload. Our services include applications assistance, database support, IT process creation, and more. The Adajacent Solutions staff can help design a cloud environment that supports your innovative goals.

Oracle Cloud Migration Adjacent Solutions
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Innovation Through Collaboration

Adjacent Solutions values our customers and their most intricate and challenging business needs. As Oracle problem-solvers, insight into your enterprise creates an opportunity share our talents and expertise to grow together.



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Collaborating With Your Enterprise

We recognize the challenges that factor into delivering a dependable cloud migration. For reliable support, our customers attest to our responsiveness to their technology environment. Together, we create solutions tailored to their unique business needs.

During your cloud migration or upgrade project, our consultants collaborate with you. We believe in delivering customer-focused results and strive to understand your business requirements and restrictions. In each step of our methodology, we work to ensure our customers avoid downtime and risk of security threats. In addition, we work hard to help each customer achieve a positive ROI and a reduced TCO.

As an Oracle Partner resource, we provide value to your enterprise with best practices and receptive solutions that we adapt to your individual environment. Take a look at our cloud adoption process below.

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A Smart Methodology For Cloud Solutions

Adjacent Solutions is trusted provider to create and execute customized cloud migration strategies for businesses in a wide range of industries. We believe in transparency and collaboration in developing successful cloud environments that alleviate technology challenges and allows teams to focus on implementing new business initiatives. We have developed a straightforward cloud adoption strategy to help you reach your business needs. 

 Developing Your Cloud Adoption Plan: Assessing our customers enterprise for cloud adoption is an important step towards not only migrating your environment, but improving upon the workloads, applications, and organizational processes that are critical to your enterprise. We utilize best practices to introduce tools and techniques into your cloud assessment and identify technology components that will be affected by the migration, including governance and controls. Stabilization of your environment is developed by reviewing your holistic technology environment and addressing key gaps, reviewing infrastructure needs, and deployment challenges and opportunities.

At Adjacent Solutions, we don’t limit the assessment of your cloud adoption plan to technology. We collaborate with our customers to understand the business value for each enterprise. Cloud strategies with our team are customized and unique for each enterprise. Our consultants identify key applications that drive revenue and are end-user friendly. We evaluate the agility and efficiency of your technology landscape to requirements you plan to deliver to your customers.

 Cloud Deployment Model: Deployment models deliver different benefits. These include your business requirements and affect how you architect your enterprise. As we prepare your implementation roadmap, we navigate adoption and portability standards, and develop processes for your application migration strategy. In this phase, we identify data storage, servers, and software logistics and guide you in selecting the best delivery model for your businesses. In our adoption planning, we also assess enterprise suitability. As we develop your tailored technology, we strive to match flexible and scalable technology with your business needs and goals in mind. To help, we collaborate to determine the layout, controls, and the pros and cons of each.

 Aligning Products & Services: Customers trust our consultants to collaborate and develop a cloud adoption and governance team that aligns organizationally. Working together, we can ensure responsibilities are met and risks are minimized in the environment.

Migration and Deployment Options: Alongside our customers, we incorporate your budget and goals into a roadmap. This roadmap includes timelines, including variables and dependencies. We also present the validation of benefits to the business application. We review your IT inventory, compliance, and security.

Preparation: Our specialists establish service readiness of your environment with best practices and procedures. This includes the management of your IT demand during your cloud migration. We help define request types and procedures to manage unplanned IT demand. Risk management is a crucial component in all that we do. In assessing your environment for cloud migration, we also address any key concerns with governance to reduce security threats. Prior to deployment, consultants gather needed resources required for the implementation. During this process, consultants review processes for optimization and organizational efficiency.

New Design: We apply best practices to approach the design of your Oracle cloud solution. We believe in maximizing your technology investment.

 Optimization and Cost: Our team helps customers evaluate and understand cloud costs. We ensure billing models and monitoring is optimal for availability and minimal interruption. This includes the review of resources to eliminate unused or terminated technology. 

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Delivering Oracle Benefits

Adjacent Solutions provides a variety of cloud opportunity to grow your enterprise. Our skilled consultants specialize in tailoring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and AWS Web platform services to your critical business challenges.  For a full range of dependable services and solutions we provide, contact us or visit our service offerings, below.

Oracle Cloud Migration Adjacent Solutions


A leading reason for most migrations to the cloud is that enterprises are provided opportunities to expand their environments to meet changes in demand and manage multiple datacenters.


Cloud migrations reduce the need for physical hardware equipment, datacenter locations, and the associated staffing costs, providing you with a reliable cost model to manage your business.


Migrations to cloud platforms provide secure, remote opportunities to store data and keep your enterprise informed of up-to-date security requirements, minimizing risk to your business continuity.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security
Reduce concerns of advanced persistent threats. Adopt the cloud infrastructure that's designed using security-first architecture.
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OCI In 7 Steps - Migration
Dramatically modernize on-premises deployments on Oracle Cloud and focus fully on digital transformation
8 Questions To Ask Your Cloud Provider
Respond and scale quickly to changes, increase resiliency, reduce costs, and deploy anywhere

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