At Adjacent Solutions, our Oracle integration consulting services guide customers toward positive technology gains. We begin with an assessment of your organization's technology landscape and utilize best practices to integrate your systems seamlessly with Oracle technology. 

Our professional services consultants work with you to develop an integration plan that leverages the advantages of Oracle and delivers advanced enterprise connectivity. Benefits such as prebuilt integrations and application adapters bring about faster innovation with reliable results. Prebuilt technology creates improved application, service, and database connectivity and simplifies process automation. Drag-and-drop design creates opportunities for customers to accelerate integration and maximize on-premises. 

Our goal is to enhance each area of your mission-critical business tools. Oracle extends core functionality and reduces inefficiencies with embedded benefits, for always-on, unified communications with end-to-end visibility. 

On-Premises Applications

Specialists assist with integrating applications to on-premise environments, expanding greater control over local environments.

Hybrid Environment

Leverage integration technologies to align on-premises applications, data, and systems with the cloud.

Cloud-Based Application Integration

Cloud-based technology provides cost-effective options to automate workflow, expand networks, and provide fast and secure data transfer.

Oracle Consultant for Integration Services
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Integration Services

Maximize Oracle Power

Analytical Assessment
Our Oracle integration team performs analytical assessment in creating, upgrading, and troubleshooting the integration of your new systems. At every stage of the development process, we work to help you manage business impact and compliance requirements.
Technical Guidance
Integration of your technology systems requires skills that blend business acumen and technical expertise. We evaluate your organization’s current technology, business goals and objections, and prepare recommendations to improve your enterprises’ landscape.
Customer Satisfaction
Providing a collaborative environment that engages leadership and stakeholders is vital in ensuring your Oracle investment achieves a successful integration and drives positive impact in your landscape. We encourage feedback at every step of our partnership to provide a cohesive, effective investment.
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Advantages of Integration

Oracle integration consulting services at Adjacent Solutions help guide our customers through opportunities to accelerate and modernize enterprise connectivity. Our consultants understand the need for always-on, reliable technology. With prebuilt integrations and application adapters, Oracle integration delivers embedded technology benefits that drives innovation.

Prebuilt opportunities allow customers to maximize on-premises and SaaS investments quickly. Process automation is one benefit that reduces inefficiency and error and streamlines workflows. Customers will also experience improved connectivity for on-premises applications with EBS software. In addition, an advantage of faster integration of cloud applications and services, including intelligent capabilities to analyze data. 

For always-on, unified communication, Oracle products and services means seamless system integration. In streamlining your environment, Oracle delivers enhanced internal collaboration across applications. Holistic data connectivity enables better insight, decision-making, and positive performance. 

More areas Oracle integration can help your business: 

We offer businesses integration solutions that broadens enterprise functionality. How we improve your landscape:

 Faster production is brought about by investing in recommended technologies that extend the core functionality of your enterprise while you can focus on critical business processes.

 Seamless system interaction with an integrated technology landscape. Integrating your environment into a centralized system organizes business process to reduce loss and unifies your communication for peak operational performance.

 Increased visibility provides operational insight and exposes vulnerabilities to improve your decision-making on critical enterprise systems.

 Customizations offer insight to your operational performance, allowing you to improve your decision-making on critical enterprise systems.



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Adjacent Solutions, an Oracle-certified partner, brings consulting and managed services expertise that drives impactful decision-making at your enterprise. Our consultants strategize with you to match technology investments to your specific business needs and create opportunities to maximize performance. Experience flexible solutions at predictable costs with managed services options that streamline enterprise management and cloud maintenance support.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

As an Oracle-certified partner, we specialize in E-Business Suite (EBS), Database, Weblogic, Oracle APEX, and other Oracle Products.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Strengthen your ever-changing enterprise with predicable costs and SLA-backed, US-based Oracle infrastructure support.

License & Advisory

License & Advisory

As a high-value Oracle license reseller, we provide clients with insight to their Oracle environment and available licensing options.