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Utilize EBS Modules

Utilizing Oracle EBS modules for maximum results is possible at Adjacent Solutions. We can help you leverage the capabilities of each module that runs your mission-critical applications while reducing risk. Our team assists with centralizing and integrating data and core business processes to form a single source of truth based on real-time information.

We can also be your dedicated team to provide EBS implementation, including help with ROI concerns, planning, and project execution. Whether you are looking to monitor production, inventory, sales, or more, we can help you create streamlined reports with credible information for full transparency.

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Oracle Managed Services Support

Oracle Managed Services Adjacent Solutions

Automate Tasks

Adjacent Solutions can help you automate your environment utilizing Oracle EBS modules. We deliver an array of benefits that reduce month-end close and costly downtime. Let us work with you to:

Simplify ongoing enterprise tasks that require manual entry and/or repetitive action.

Reduce errors and inconsistency in data that leads to costly and time-consuming bottlenecks in workflow.

Alleviate the strain of staff shortages with automated workflows.

Identify opportunities to streamline and eliminate unnecessary processes between departments.

Improve standardization across your enterprise.

Create Deadlines

Our team creates an effective, streamlined environment that runs cost-effectively, is not accomplished by chance. At Adjacent Solutions, our team of Oracle experts understands the mechanisms of maximizing technology across interlinked departments to gain optimal business results, including establishing critical business functions that support these changes. Ways we develop realistic and effective pathways to achieve operational excellence include:

Developing deadlines for the interconnected internal departments and external players.

Developing monthly checklists that outline timeline requirements.

Establish cut-off dates and payment cycles for invoice submissions, purchase orders, payment processing, and more.

We centralize payable processes and reporting for businesses with multiple locations.

Promote transparency across enterprise landscape and dedicated points of contact.

Eliminate Obstacles

Managed services support at Adjacent Solutions means we work with you to eliminate obstacles in your journey to enterprise efficiency. Our trained, Oracle supplemental staff understand the mechanisms EBS technology and business functionality to directly target problem areas and apply solutions. Challenges we collaborate with your team to resolve:

Guidance in improving customer satisfaction and client success with daily support and education tailored for your enterprise.

Monitoring of enterprise interdependencies to ensure security, stability, and scalability is constantly fine-tuned.

Identify opportunities to proactively remediate issues and reduce time-to-repair.

Establish and Improve Processes

We meet businesses in their unique stage of business process development. Whether businesses are in need of establishing operational processes to reduce month-end close or are looking to improve communication and workflows, we are here to help. We currently assist businesses quickly and efficiently close their books through business process by optimization of your Oracle EBS modules. Assistance includes:

Reducing time on daily and manual tasks.

Identifying target areas where workflows can be streamlined.

Create processes that expedite and improve customer experience.

Track effort to determine the effective and efficiency of established processes.

Priorities workflows for better decision-making.

Increase flexibility in communication across internal and external departments and shareholders.


Our team provides guidance that is supported by Oracle trained professionals. We believe in ethical education, providing our clients with best-in-class information on the technology that runs their mission critical applications and software. We support your team by:

Assist with short staff needs with trained support.

Resolving complicated technology issues that arise.

Providing reliable support 24/7/365.

Modernize Processes & Systems

As technology continues to evolve and diversify, updating systems and software proves to be a continuous need and major challenge for businesses. Relying on a variety of systems or third-party applications to manage your workflow can lead to major impacts on your enterprise that affect workflow, communications, and weaken security. Oracle specialists at Adjacent Solutions can help you modernize the processes and systems that run the critical elements of your enterprise.

Aligning technology and business operations.

Identify your goals to match technology to specific needs.

Establish a “gold standard" within your business to consistently manage the security of your critical and non-critical applications and software.

Supplement Staff

We can assist you with supplementing your staff with the Adjacent Solutions team to resolve temporary or ongoing staffing concerns. Our staff provides coverage for a variety of time-related needs, including seasonal and continuous, year-round enterprise support. We can help provide your team with:

Internal IT support that works hand-in-hand with your staff.

Relief of internal IT duties that consume your staff.

Coverage for out-of-office staff.

Tools and resources to automate processes and free up internal staff.

Oracle knowledge to implement technology or scale larger projects.

Daily support for technology guidance, or large-scale support.


Dissemination of accurate information across an enterprise is vital. At Adjacent Solutions, we understand the complications that arise when data is obstructed in the workflow process, as well as the mechanisms that alleviate these concerns. Our team guides businesses in creating reliable pathways to disseminate information in a timely, purposeful way, ensuring data integrity.

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