Adjacent Solutions Packaged Solutions

Whether your business is currently exploring a SaaS ERP, running an Oracle Product, or just needs a Trusted Advisor, our US-based team of experts are here to serve you. Maximizing organizational efficiency is a foolproof way to ensure that your business stays competitive and effective in the marketplace. Adjacent Solutions can help you do just that.

Your Success is Our Top Priority

Our experience with Oracle (applications, middleware and hardware), Quest Software (Windows management tools, database tools, application management, virtualization cloud automation and data protection), Worksoft, and many other solutions allows us to build game-changing business solutions that simplify IT management.

Solaris to Linux Migration

As the Solaris operating system is phased out of businesses, Linux is the most high-value choice for migration. And Adjacent Solutions’ help is the smartest step to take. Adjacent Solutions combines 15 years of experience with successful platform migrations with our commitment to ease of transition for our valued clients. Solaris to Linux migrations minimize downtime, technology costs, and impact to existing business processes.

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Extending EBS with APEX

Creating custom applications to speed up processes and maximize efficiency in your organization is easier than ever before with Oracle Application Express. Integrating APEX into your current ERP allows for shorter work and report creation timelines. With the help of Adjacent Solutions, the process has never been easier.

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STAT EBS Object Support

STAT is a complete change lifecycle solution that allows for the automation of migrations and reversionings, speeding up processes. Our goal at Adjacent Solutions is to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. With Oracle-validated STAT integration, companies are able to eliminate time-consuming tasks. It is designed specifically for EBS and PeopleSoft.

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