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Leverage Your Existing Oracle Suite Investment

Organizations invest a lot of resources into their E-Business Suite to improve the end-user experience. Most organizations are evaluating making the switch to the cloud but still need solutions that modernize their current environment and keep EBS working at peak performance. With Oracle’s commitment to continue support and innovation of their flagship ERP, E-Business Suite, they have released a free enhancement to the EBS user interface called Oracle Enterprise Command Center. This EBS add-on offers discovery-oriented dashboards that bring together operational data allowing organizations to gain real-time business insight. ECC also provides end-users with a simple reporting tool that can help them prioritize their daily tasks, while reducing the demand for custom operational reports from IT.

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Enterprise Command Center For On-Prem EBS Users

Oracle Enterprise Command Center

At Adjacent, we help organizations that have not fully transitioned to the cloud modernize EBS by implementing new Oracle tools such as Enterprise Command Center. ECC allows users to leverage an updated interface and improved user experience. Our specialists help organizations at any stage, from upgrading to the most current version of EBS (12.2.11) to initiating an end-to-end deployment of ECC.

Enterprise Command Center is a business-intelligence reporting platform that offers a series of dashboard views of EBS data, enabling users to uncover business insights, answer essential questions, and drill down and prioritize what projects to work on next. With over 30 command centers and 100 role-based dashboards, there is a solution that works with each of the core EBS modules.

Financials ECC

These command centers allow your team to minimize client account delinquency, optimize cash flow, improve collections, increase asset utilization, and improve billing accuracy.

• Oracle Receivables Command Center
• Oracle iReceivables Command Center
• Oracle Channel Revenue Command Center
• Oracle Payables Command Center
• Oracle Assets Command Center
• Oracle Incentive Compensation Command Center
• Oracle Lease and Finance Command Center

Order Management & Logistics ECCs

Utilizing these command centers can increase customer satisfaction and revenue by accelerating the order flow and quickly acting on order exceptions, optimizing order releases, expediting high priority orders, and streamlining transportation activities.

• Oracle Order Management Command Center
• Oracle Inventory Management Command Center

Procurement & Projects ECCS

Implementing these command centers can enable a team to manage and control budgets and costs, improve contract utilization and renegotiation, and improve procurement cycle time.

• Oracle iProcurement Command Center
• Oracle Projects Command Center
• Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management Command Center

Manufacturing ECCs

Deploying these command centers will provide your team the ability to increase the efficiency of manufacturing operations while reducing risk, gain visibility across manufacturing partners, identify, and resolve cost and accounting errors and enable preventative and corrective actions to be taken.

• Oracle Discrete Manufacturing Command Center
• Oracle Process Manufacturing Command Center
• Oracle Outsourced Manufacturing Command Center
• Oracle Cost Management Command Center

Asset Lifecycle & Service ECCs

Utilizing these command centers help prioritize work order exceptions, react quickly to material shortages, coordinate contract renewal cycles, identify critical service requests and mitigate service level agreement risks.

• Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Command Center
• Oracle Service Contracts Command Center
• Oracle Service Command Center


This command center presents the HR department with information to identify workforce resources and effectively address HR Related business processes.

• Human Resource Command Center

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Unleashing the Potential of Enterprise Data

Enterprise Command Centers are designed with features that provide a “real-time “analysis of business operations. Customers are able to enable information-driven navigation to help end-users, such as department managers, enhance the way they work by focusing on the right information, at the right time to accelerate their day-to-day activities. Features across the Oracle Command Centers include:

Advanced Tools & Visualizations
Exploratory Data Analysis
Guided Discovery
Online Data Load
Actionable Indicators
Consumer-like Search & Filters
Instant Search Across Organizations
Interactive Visualizations
Guided Navigation
Tag Clouds
Multilingual Support
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Deploying ECC Alongside Your EBS Suite

Our team can help with implementing, extending, and tailoring Enterprise Command Center to meet your business requirements. We ensure that your dashboards and command centers are built to work cohesively with your E-Business Suite and that the new functionality provides an improved user experience across the organization. Once implemented, we monitor the system and provide recommendations on areas that can be improved for enhanced performance. Clients who have deployed the ECC tool benefit from:

Action Prioritization
Identify and act on top actions without custom operational reporting.
Rapid Deployment
Updates through configuration, not coding allowing for fast launches with no change to the Oracle E-Business Suite database.
User-Friendly Interface
Configurable dashboards and visualizations via a drag-and-drop framework and fully declarative controls.
Security & UI Integration
Remain within EBS sessions when navigating between dashboards and transaction pages.
No Additional Cost
No requirement for specialized hardware or additional technology licenses for current users on EBS.
Dashboard Enhancements
Add unique key indicators and charts, make cosmetic changes, and include data elements from the Oracle E-Business Suite instance.
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