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At Adjacent Solutions, we provide Oracle managed services support for a variety of industries. Adjacent Solutions' onshore talent focuses exclusively on delivering timely, support. Our team manages day-to-day critical business activities and IT strategy that supports lowering risk to your environment. From troubleshooting to proactive maintenance, we strive to deliver smart responses to technology challenges with faster, more reliable communication.

Whether your environment is on-prem, in the cloud, or a hybrid setup, we can design a support model that works best for your organization. Our consultants have helped businesses with specific needs to meet client requirements. 

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Full In-House Oracle Support Team

Adjacent Solutions offers our customers Oracle managed services support and products that allow them flexibility to control their environment. For components that can be best managed by a managed service provider, we're here to help. Through collaboration, we work to improve your environment by designing client-specific solutions based on your unique needs. Our team of trained consultants align the powerful features and capabilities of Oracle technology to best enhance your business objectives.

Support models with our team include full-stack, managed services, and steady state environments. Our on-prem or cloud managed services are also SLA-backed and maintained by a responsive team dedicated to priority issues that you establish. The Adjacent Solutions onshore support team means you leverage benefits of an optimized environment with a predictable budget.

Benefits of onshore support models strengthen enterprises and builds confidence in business owners, leading to an increase in productivity, efficiency, and saving opportunities.

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Enterprise Success

Onshore support generates increased service quality measured in productivity and shorter cycle times. These benefits result in end-user satisfaction due overall lower support costs. Adjacent Solutions has highly-trained professionals in the United States.  We are known for our proven experience in developing processes and policies for essential, and at times, critical, onshore support.

Streamlined Communication
Adjacent Solutions guarantees our highest level of support and customer service, at any hour.
Lower Support Costs
Onshore means no additional management overhead for high staff turnover rates that occur in overseas projects.
Greater Control
Offshore often utilizes a “waterfall” model, meaning work is fully completed with minimal client input.
Reduced Overall Risk
Onshore presents less possibility of critical errors, such as misinterpretation or failure to respond in critical situations.