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Oracle PeopleSoft Consultants at Adjacent Solutions

At Adjacent Solutions, our Oracle expertise is trusted across several industries. As your Oracle PeopleSoft team, we collaborate with you to fully align the comprehensive set of applications and tools. With a wide range of core modules, functionality, and flexibility, PeopleSoft is a robust ERP system that supports organizational needs industry-wide. Together, we can help you manage various business functions and processes to drive digital transformation.

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Oracle PeopleSoft Meets Complex Requirements

To determine if Oracle PeopleSoft is the best solution for your environment, consultants at Adjacent Solutions work closely with customers to understand their specific needs and objectives. While our team can tailor PeopleSoft to support businesses of any size, it is often sought-after by large organizations. By design, it meets complex business needs that require complex and extensive functionality and capabilities. With it’s comprehensive set of features, we can help businesses address complicated organizational challenges that streamline business processes and improve efficiency.

Our consultants have partnered with customers to address complex requirements that are include, but are not limited to:

Industry-Specific Functionality

Our consultants help customers tailor solutions to meet industry-specific needs. These solutions incorporate best practices, processes, and regulations requirements. Having a PeopleSoft consulting team allows businesses to meet unique challenges more effectively. Sectors include:
  • Higher education
  • Healthcare
  • Public sector
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • And more

Configurability and Customization

We trust PeopleSoft's high degree of configurability and customization as a reliable solution for our customers. Together, we can leverage the flexibility of PeopleSoft to meet exact needs, securely. This includes accommodating complex and unique requirements. Our team can adapt PeopleSoft without extensive coding or modifications such as:
  • Business Processes
  • Rules
  • Workflows

Modular Architecture

We understand that modular architecture offers an impressive range of applications and modules. Our team supports businesses by deploying applications and modules based on a customer's specific needs. With PeopleSoft as your trusted ERP solution, we can help you manage complex business processes across different functional areas or departments. Modular approach allows businesses to:
  • Select and implement relevant modules
  • Add or expand functionality as required.

Integration Capabilities

Professional consultants at Adjacent Solutions collaborate with you to ensure PeopleSoft's robust integration capabilities are successful. Success for our consultants means seamless connectivity with other applications, databases, and systems to create smooth data flow, eliminate data silos, and support of end-to-end business processes.
  • CRM Systems
  • Financial Systems
  • Supply Chain Systems
  • And More

Workflow and Approval Processes

Professional services consultants utilize PeopleSoft to bring about workflow and approval management functionality. that supports complex approval hierarchies and multi-step processes for our customers. Customers with intricate approval processes and complex organizational structures find value in this. We help define and automate business:
  • Workflows
  • Ensuring proper routing of tasks, approvals, and notifications.

Reporting and Analytics

We believe robust reporting and analytics capabilities generate meaningful insights from data. In collaboration, we helps address complex reporting requirements and supports data-driven decision-making with re-built reports, dashboards, and much more. Consultants leverage analytics tools to enable better analyzation of:
  • KPIs
  • Monitor Trends
  • Make Informed Business Decisions

Scalability and Performance

Our team can employ performance optimization techniques to ensure efficient data processing and responsiveness, even in demanding environments.

Together, we can scale expectations for PeopleSoft to accommodate:

  • Growing data volumes
  • Growing User Loads
  • Transaction Processing Requirements

Ongoing Support and Updates

Professional services consultants can provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates. In collaboration, we ensure your software remains current, secure, and compliant with industry standards and evolves with your business needs.

Regular updates address:

  • Bugs
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • New Features and Enhancements
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Benefits of Oracle PeopleSoft

At Adjacent Solutions, we believe Oracle PeopleSoft is a powerful tool that offers a comprehensive ERP solution with flexibility. With industry-specific functionality, we leverage scalability and integration capabilities to help businesses meet unique requirements. With a strong support team at Adjacent Solutions, our consultants work with you to improve operational efficiency, streamline your processes, and enhance decision-making opportunities across your enterprise.

We help our customers utilize these benefits:

Comprehensive Functionality

Modular Architecture

Industry-Specific Solutions

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Scalability and Flexibility

Ongoing Support and Innovation

Integration Capabilities

Strong Community and Ecosystem

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Oracle EBS On-Prem and in the Cloud

We help customers select the right ERP tool for their enterprise. With trained Oracle specialist, we utilize the right expertise and methodology for our customers. Our professional consulting team guides customers through the value of adding new and enhanced functionality and benefits of each to ensure organizational alignment and utilization of tools.

How can we help you navigate this process? Our team of consultants are client-focused and value collaboration. We work together with you as objective advisors to facilitate decision-making in these key areas. From assessing your needs and analyzing your requirements, we work with you to assess the feasibility and suitability of the ERP tool in your environment.

Oracle EBS ERP Adjacent Solutions
Oracle EBS
Comprehensive ERP with robust functionality for a wide range of industries.
Oracle cloud fusion ERP
Oracle Cloud Fusion
Compilation of a cloud-based suite of applications in various functional areas.
Oracle PeopleSoft ERP
Oracle PeopleSoft
On-prem software for businesses requiring a wide range of modules and functionality.
Oracle ERP NetSuite Integration
Oracle NetSuite
Subscription and cloud-based software for SMB with comprehensive, suite-wide extensibility and predictable costs.
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Professional consultants at Adjacent Solutions utilize Oracle expertise to help serve customers with a variety of solutions support, project assistance, licensing advisory services, and much more. Additional information can be found on our Case Studies and Blog.

EBS Upgrade Adjacent Solutions
EBS 12.2R Upgrade
Upgraded business suite delivers feature-rich modernization with lower costs.
oracle enterprise command center
Enterprise Command Center
Integrated user experience with existing apps for on-prem with cloud benefits.
Adjacent Solutions Secured Managed Services
Secured Managed Services
Early detection, timely response, and ongoing monitoring for best performance.
security and compliance adjacent solutions
Security Hardening
Reduce the vulnerability of your attack surfaces with Oracle Security Hardening support.
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