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Security Hardening for Your Oracle EBS Environment

At Adjacent Solutions, we can help you reduce the risk of vulnerabilities to your Oracle EBS environment with systems hardening to your applications, infrastructure, and more. Our experts identify potential opportunities for threats from attackers and malware by working with you to understand your unique IT ecosystem. Our trained staff can easily recognize internal flaws within a system or network that often go unnoticed until a compromise has occurred.

Oracle Security Hardening EBS
// Hardening Standards

Reducing Security Risk

Reducing system vulnerabilities for our customers is built on giving our customers an optimal balance of functionality and security. To mitigate threat to your environment, we uphold best systems hardening practices to ensure the integrity of your landscape. From installation through end-of-life decommissioning, we carefully review your landscape with our unique methodology and tools.

Hardening standards at Adjacent Solutions means we create requirements for each system as it is introduced into your enterprise, protecting mission-critical information and infrastructure. As companies experience an increased demand for remote work, security hardening for systems has become crucial. Protecting mixed-use devices and devices accessed outside of secure locations is essential to safeguarding from exploitation. 

With our standards, you gain the visibility and controls needed to maintain a secure, hardened build in your enterprise.

Database Hardening
Network Hardening
Software Application Hardening
Operating System Hardening
Server Hardening
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Benefits of Security Hardening

Greater Security

Reduce data breaches, malware, unauthorized access, and more.

Operational Congruity

Balancing programs and functionality for improved and secure performance.

Compliance and Auditing

Streamlined and predictable configuration for transparent monitoring.