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While software systems have become much more secure over the past few decades, there is still a big risk of any system having a breach. Enterprises who own large infrastructures are the most prone to compromise. They must be hyper-aware of their current environment setup and take precautions to secure their system. We can help reduce the vulnerability of attack surfaces with Oracle Security Hardening support. Common attack surfaces to your enterprise include:

Default Passwords

Unpatched Software & Firmware

Inadequately Encrypted Network & Data Traffic

Hardcoded Data in Text Files

Lack Of Privileged Access Codes

Poorly Configured Infrastructure

At Adjacent Solutions, our consultants can help you reduce the risk of vulnerabilities to your Oracle EBS environment. We perform systems hardening by patching vulnerabilities and removing non-essential software. Our knowledgeable staff can easily recognize internal flaws within a system or network. These flaws can often go unnoticed until a compromise occurs.

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Reducing Security Risk

As companies experience an increased demand for remote work, security hardening for systems has become crucial. Protecting mixed-use devices and devices accessed outside of secure locations is essential to safeguarding from exploitation. Hardening standards at Adjacent Solutions means we create requirements for each system as it is introduced into your enterprise, protecting mission-critical information and infrastructure. With our standards, you gain the visibility and controls needed to maintain a secure, hardened build in your enterprise.

Software Application Hardening

Our consultants review ongoing patch releases and new patch releases. With a multitude of patches designed for solving system issues, software performance, and more, it makes sense to have a trusted advisor and strategist for navigating patch management holistically.

Database Hardening

Testing for compatibility for your applications, integration, and business processes to avoid conflicts with existing technology.

Network Hardening

Prioritizing updates and new deployments for severity and vulnerabilities. Deploying the correct patches in the right priority is key to dependably protecting devices and software and minimizing threats throughout the entire enterprise.

Operating System Hardening

Implementing multiple patches across endpoints successfully requires environment monitoring. Our team monitors your environment throughout the process to ensure the successful completion of deployments and tracking for compliance. These processes and tasks can be automated alongside human oversight for greater control of your environment.


Post-deployment we work alongside our customers to ensure their critical systems, functionality, and more are running without complications.

Endpoint Hardening

Post-deployment we work alongside our customers to ensure their critical systems, functionality, and more are running without complications.

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// Methodical Approach to System Hardening

How Our Experts Safeguard Your Team

Reducing system vulnerabilities for our customers is important to us. Our Oracle professionals strive to give our customers an optimal balance of functionality and security. To mitigate threat to your environment, we uphold best Oracle security hardening practices. From installation through end-of-life decommissioning, we carefully review your landscape with our unique methodology and tools. Adjacent handles all system hardening projects with the same methodical approach to ensure risk governance is continual year-round. 

Step 1: Audit – We will carry out a comprehensive review or your existing infrastructure by testing and scanning to find flaws, risks, gaps that could make your system susceptible to attacks.

Step 2: Prioritization – Once identified, we prioritize which vulnerabilities cause the most harm to your system and create a phased-out strategy that enables you to remediate the most critical issues first.

Step 3: Fix – We install hardened systems and ensure the system is physically secure and your internal staff are informed about security procedures.

Step 4: Control – We perform regular reviews of logs to detect unusual activity, perform regular system scans and penetration test. As new vulnerabilities are identified, we adjust the phase rollout strategy accordingly.

// Protection from Vulnerabilities

Benefits of Security Hardening

Security hardening is something that the most proactive companies do continuously and keep at the forefront of their mind when adding/updating their infrastructure. While security hardening requires effort and resources, the benefits outweigh the risk for any organization.

Greater Security

Reduce data breaches, malware, unauthorized access, and more.

Enhanced System Functionality

Less risk of operational issues, misconfigurations, incompatibilities, and compromise.

Operational Congruity

Balancing programs and functionality for improving your secure performance.

Compliance & Auditing

Streamlined and predictable configuration for transparent monitoring.

// Collaborative Oracle EBS Services & Support

Oracle Services, Customer-Focus

We believe in working smarter. At Adjacent Solutions, our project methodology brings together the strengths of technology and the best collaborative practices in consulting. Utilizing this approach, we free teams to focus on growth and innovation. Working with our consultants, businesses discover advantages based on their unique technology landscape, leading to intelligent transformation.

From our managed services opportunities to solutions integrations, we provide valuable assessments of your technology landscape. By analyzing your unique data, we are able to provide recommendations on managing workloads or develop custom solutions tailored to your specific enterprise.

Working with Adjacent Solutions means agile approaches to eliminate challenges on our customers paths to success. Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services and intelligent solutions that deliver financial results.

If you're looking for a smarter way to optimize your enterprise, Adjacent Solutions is your team.

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