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Oracle Expertise to Help Implement and Manage Oracle Connectivity

For companies looking to gain better insight and control of their enterprise, Oracle consultants at Adjacent Solutions help our customers maximize the comprehensive and integrated suite of business applications Oracle EBS offers. 

Through professional consulting or managed services, we work alongside our partners in a truly adjacent capacity to provide a trusted pathway to EBS stability. Our teams are comprised of trained Oracle experts who understand the value EBS technology delivers and believe in collaborating to fully understand our customer's specific requirements and goals. With our customer's focus in mind, we ensure the proper alignment of Oracle EBS technology is in place to centralize the management of business functions, enhance connectivity, and optimize business operations.

From delivering new products with faster time-to-market to better engaging their customers, implementing EBS and managing your technology investment with consulting support creates opportunities that drive business models, productivity, and maximizes ROI.

// Oracle Consultants for Ongoing or Project Support Team

Oracle Managed and Professional Services for Your Needs

At Adjacent Solutions, our Professional Services Team helps guide customers through EBS implementation on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud with proven methodologies and best practices that maximize your investment. As your Oracle implementation partner, we provide a transparent, customer-focused approach in our project methodology to how we apply governance, processes, testing, and create deliverables. In providing our solutioning architecture, we can better guide internal teams through the implementation process. Through our client engagement model, we provide robust collaboration to create trust, successful implementations, and a modernization of your environment that improves system performance and much more.

Managed Services with our Oracle Onshore Team is designed to provide ongoing support of EBS on-premises, hybrid, or cloud environments. SLA-backed, our reliable support is customizable to client-specific needs. We provide an array of Oracle EBS product support that modernizes business models. From system administration and database management to patching and back-office support, we ensure on-prem and hybrid environments receive benefits equal to those in the cloud. Leveraging Oracle EBS’s full set of enterprise management software modules with Oracle consultants at Adjacent Solutions allows businesses to create a trusted, single source of authority that supports their goals.

Order Management

We can help you drive the order fulfillment process of your business with an order-to-cash solution. Order Management delivers capabilities for our customers in the buying and negotiating process, including timely order fulfillment.

  • Sales Orders


Execute seamless logistics opportunities with transportation, distribution, and more while lowering costs. Our team optimizes logistics networks for customers, including scenario modeling to make informed time and cost impacts for deployment.

  • Year-End Close
  • Transactions
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Order Fulfillment


Source-to-settle process including transactional purchases and AP/AR integration. We integrate agile tools that allow businesses to leverage an array of information to make better informed decisions throughout the procurement lifecycle.


Available within Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP with high project connectivity, transparency in financial performance, and visibility into project requirements. Review the Oracle Project Management User Guide here.

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Change Management
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Analytics & Reporting


Available within Oracle Fusion Cloud, we help you reduce inefficiencies in production with automation and adaptive intelligence. Adjacent Solutions delivers business agility to your team, enabling effective decision-making.

  • System Integrations
  • Project Management & Execution
  • Project Methodology & Planning
  • Hosting
  • Infrastructure management

Asset Lifecycle Management

We help automate your asset management needs with automated business workflows, including fixed asset accounting tasks. By integrating your software, you can streamline tasks, track financial performance, and keep assets running a top capacity.

  • Health checks
  • Assessment
  • Solution Recommendations
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Performance Tuning
  • Platform Migration
  • Upgrades


        Achieving efficient and reliable outcomes for customers with Oracle services tools is possible at Adjacent Solutions. By utilizing Oracle Fusion Service, we can unify your applications, data, and powerful capabilities into one platform to create efficient self-service for your business.

  • Licensing Management
  • Oracle Compliance Advisory Services
  • PCI/PII/SOX/HIPPA Compliance
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Product Security
  • SSL/TSL/Hardening


        Leverage Oracle Financials to automate your financial management processes. We deliver innovation that provides increased forecasting accuracy and shortens reporting cycles for improved decision-making, including month-end close.

  • Month-End Close Streamlining & Support
  • Expense Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Tax Rate Automation

Human Capital Management

      Enterprise-wide connectivity into your human resources process and your team are enhanced with HCM technology. Our team collaborates with you to optimize and personalize your people processes with configurable workflows with scalability and localization.

  • HR System Integration

// Professional Consultants to Help You Gain Control and Confidence in Your Environment

Benefits of Oracle EBS

At Adjacent Solutions, we understand that businesses competing in today's digital economy rely on ERP systems. ERP systems deliver unparalleled enterprise connectivity and benefits. That's why we believe in supporting our customers with Oracle E-Business Suite. Oracle EBS delivers a comprehensive view of enterprise-wide insight within your organization. From analytics to profitability, implementation and ongoing managed services of EBS environments brings about an array of positive returns, including favorable ROI.

UI Modernization

Credible, user-centric visual experience that brings together best standards.


Leverage ALM tools and technologies allow for data tracking and repository tools integration.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce disruptions to improve performance and workflow.

Mobile Modernization

Development tools that simplify building mobile applications with enterprise connectivity and security.

Functional Advances

New and advanced ways Oracle features work together to create client-specific outcomes.

Evolving Business Models

Drive value creation with a core platform that supports a range of requirements, functionality, and more.


Aligning on-premises environments into digital transformation strategies and processes.

Cost Savings

A multitude of Oracle portfolio options that reduce CAPEX and OPEX and produce a positive ROI.

// True ERP Stability for Enterprise Control

Oracle EBS On-Prem and in the Cloud

Our professional consultants have helped customers in a variety of industries meet demand by designing and modifying technology environments that best serve their business goals. Our clients range from a large-scale oil and gas company to franchisees in the health and wellness space. Our consultants create client-specific solutions and tailored services that give them better control over their enterprise on-premises, in a hybrid capacity, and in the cloud.

Regardless of your environment, we work hard to ensure the benefits available in the cloud are also available to our on-premises and hybrid customers. Our managed services team delivers SLA-backed ongoing support of on-premises and hybrid environment for routine health checks, updates, support for test and production, and much more. Oracle EBS on-prem or in the cloud utilizes prebuilt dashboards and automation for improved efficiency and reduced errors. Internal controls and audit tools protect from fraud and theft to bring about full ERP enterprise stability. 

Our trained consultants are available to help you increase capacity as you grow and integrate developments to your system on an ongoing, as needed basis.

On-Prem Environments

On-Prem Environments

Our Onshore Support Team works together with your team to manage and maintain every level of your on-prem Oracle Enterprise. EBS on-prem users experience the same level of enterprise control and benefits as in the cloud.

Cloud Environments

Cloud Environments

Our certified Oracle Cloud Consultants leverages the benefits of Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Alternatively, customers can leverage Exadata Cloud to run EBS workloads.

Oracle EBS ERP Adjacent Solutions
Oracle EBS
Comprehensive ERP with robust functionality for a wide range of industries.
Oracle cloud fusion ERP
Oracle Cloud Fusion
Compilation of a cloud-based suite of applications in various functional areas.
Oracle PeopleSoft ERP
Oracle PeopleSoft
On-prem software for businesses requiring a wide range of modules and functionality.
Oracle ERP NetSuite Integration
Oracle NetSuite
Subscription and cloud-based software for SMB with comprehensive, suite-wide extensibility and predictable costs.
// Maximize Control of Your Enterprise

Explore Adjacent Solutions Offerings

Consultants at Adjacent Solutions believe in the power of Oracle EBS technology. That’s why we provide opportunities customers can leverage to get more out of their enterprise. Whether you are on-prem, in the cloud, or utilizing a hybrid environment, we deliver offerings to maximize our customers control over their environment.

Oracle EBS upgrades and integration provides functional improvements that enhance the modern user experience with more security, better performance, and lower costs. Extending EBS with Enterprise Command Center (ECC), customers gain enhanced dashboards that fully integrate with existing apps for an improved modern user experience. In our 3 Key Innovation blog, we discuss more about how these innovations drive operational efficiencies.

EBS 12.2R Upgrade

Upgraded business suite delivers better GUI, feature-rich modernization with lower costs.

Enterprise Command

Integrated user experience with existing apps for on-prem with cloud benefits.

3 Key Innovation

Identify and take action on operational needs based on real-time data.

EBS Support 2023

// Helping Customers Optimize with Oracle EBS

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Consultants and technical teams at Adjacent Solutions are ready to help support customers with a variety of unique, client-specific needs. We collaborate with businesses in a multitude of industries for project-based and ongoing managed support. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can utilize our deep understanding of Oracle EBS and business enterprise systems for your team today.