// Supporting Technology Environments

Reliable Oracle Infrastructure Support

At Adjacent Solutions, our team of trained Oracle DBAs and consultants believe in collaboration. We work proactively alongside customers to deliver reliable infrastructure managed services. We govern and manage technology environments, including data and information, in a secure and proactive manner. Our team brings together a combination of comprehensive Oracle knowledge and leading technology expertise. Exercising the best methodology processes and proven practices, we deliver a seamless enterprise experience, 24/7/365, freeing our customers from the constraints of managing IT.

// Identifying Your Unique Infrastructure

Comprehensive Oracle Infrastructure Tools and Resources

IT infrastructure encompasses a range of unique tools and resources that work together to support mission-critical business objectives. From workstations to an organization’s full-scale network, we provide infrastructure managed services to help customers resolve IT challenges. We maintain performance and responsiveness with server management, storage, security, database performance, and more. As the backbone of your environment, we understand the complexity of maintaining technology. That's why we recognize the importance of providing dependable, ongoing support. Our team collaborates with customers to ensure your technology systems are compatible and the proper alignment of resources is achieved for secure, high-performing results.


Full-scale front and backend support for mission-critical systems.


In-depth server knowledge, including the tools that support them.


Safeguarded data for streamlined and secure access.


On-premises or cloud optimization for improved database performance.


Effective monitoring and maintaining of storage lifespan and costs.


Continuous oversight into the systems that run your business.

// Backend Managed Support

Providing Managed Services for Oracle Solutions

We enable our customers with reliable infrastructure managed services support for their on-premises or cloud environment. We value keeping our customers’ businesses as productive and efficient as possible, minimizing risk and downtime for best performance results, device monitoring, to network and storage management, we have the expertise to meet complex technology needs in a responsible, cost-effective manner.

Whether your team needs continual support or infrastructure-specific managed services support, we offer an array of areas we can assist your team. Infrastructure managed services support includes new changes to your environment. Here are a few examples of how we help businesses:

Backup & Recovery Administration/Testing
Recovery in the event of data failure.
System Cloning Refreshes
OS Clone (system partitions) for hard drive upgrades.
Issue Resolution
Process and planning strategies to mitigate and resolve issues.
Patching & Release Management
Patch release maintenance and/or ongoing support.
Monitoring & Alerts
Managing real-time activity to your IT environment.
Security Management
Implementation of policies and processes to protect business assets.
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Consultants and project managers at Adjacent Solutions stive to provide best-in-class infrastructure managed services. We design are services help customers mitigate the constraints of technology on their environment. Our team delivers educational resources, services, and solutions that drive Oracle innovation at its highest levels with maximum returns. Support with our team is brought about by professionals who understand their unique needs and requirements. Speak with us to today to learn more about managing your concerns and relieving your team of technical complexity.