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Leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Successfully maintaining OCI managed services and systems can be an expensive and time-consuming task. For optimized system performance, systems must go through regular monitoring and updates. Maintaining systems require special skillsets and increased budgets. Often when resources are in place, many organizations still struggle with their team's in-house lack of expertise. Additionally, can be difficult to resolve issues that arise while maintaining system compliance.

Adjacent Solutions addresses these issues by offering cost-effective, OCI managed services. Our customers value the experience, services, and tools that we deliver to successfully run their environment. We provide onshore, cloud-managed services as a collaborative partner. Our team of experts takes ownership of the daily administrative requirements and enables internal IT teams to focus on other core initiatives pertinent to organizational success.

Flexible Managed Cloud Services for Scalability & Agility

At Adjacent, we understand that each organization and cloud environment is unique. We collaborate with organizations to identify their specific requirements to tailor individual solutions. With your needs in mind, we provide certified specialists to support a variety of core areas that run your enterprise system.

Infrastructure Support

Minimize downtime and keep your business running as efficiently as possible. We can help manage your environment by streamlining daily functions. Our customers benefit from the monitoring unusual events, handling change requests, and overall system performance. Specialists detect service dips and execute regular maintenance and patches.

Database Monitoring

Our specialists proactively act on concerns before critical issues occur. We deliver ongoing review of storage availability and connection performance. When issues arise, Adjacent will collect system data such as trace files, log files, and diagnostic information. We will work with your team to implement workarounds and resolve problems.

Issue Resolution

We help to ensure that your system is running effectively. We ensure that your team receives the right information at the right time to successfully perform duties. We also offer a team of support agents that will resolve any functionality issues 24/7/365.

System Security

We will review your security vulnerability, identify hardening opportunities, and propose-associated changes. To protect your data, we perform regular risk assessments and implement solutions like database encryption, data masking, SSL, and TSL.

Risk & Compliance

We use Oracle best practices and guidelines to assure, compliance, and avoid risk, and prevent fraud by performing regular audits that monitor and gather data about specific Oracle activities. Managing your environment means we investigate suspicious activity and detect problems with authorization or access control implementation. Once risks are identified, we will work with your team to mitigate concerns.

System Optimization

Our team works with you to determine the desired utilization goals for your organization and ensure that your system stays fast, secure, and aligned with business goals.
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Benefits Of Managed Cloud Services with Adjacent

Partnering with Adjacent Solutions to support your OCI managed services needs results in organizational benefits. We help customers accelerate business outcomes, including:

Additional Expertise & Resources

Team of expert Oracle consultants that work with your team on .....

Increased Productivity

Offload administrative tasks to free up your internal team for to focus on high business initiatives.

Enhanced Business Processes

Automating manual, end-user processes to improve operational efficiency and drive growth.

Heightened System Security

Ongoing scans and monitoring of your system to eliminate any security threats or malicious attacks.

Infrastructure Reliability

Greater visibility and insight before an event arises, to expedite resolution and increase uptime

On-Demand Expertise & Support

Supporting clients 24/7/365. When an issue arises, the Adjacent team is there to resolve the issue. When an improvement opportunity arises, we consult and implement.

Improved System Performance

Regular health checks, patching, monitoring, and upgrades done on your environment to ensure it is running at peak performance.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced overhead and infrastructure costs with cost-effect managed services agreements.

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Comprehensive & Scalable Managed Cloud Services Options

We value keeping our customers’ businesses as productive and efficient as possible and offer an array of areas that we can assist your team. Here are some more managed cloud services we offer:

Backup & Recovery Administration/Testing
Recovery in the event of data failure.
System Cloning Refreshes
OS Clone (system partitions) for hard drive upgrades.
Issue Resolution
Process and planning strategies to mitigate and resolve issues.
Patching & Release Management
Patch release maintenance and/or ongoing support.
Monitoring & Alerts
Managing real-time activity to your IT environment.
Security Management
Implementation of policies and processes to protect business assets.
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Partner With A Trusted Managed Cloud Services Provider

Whether you have just moved to the cloud, or you have been managing it in-house, Adjacent Solutions has a team of certified consultants that can help your team operate securely, get more value from your data, and scale flexibly and efficiently. Speak with us to learn more about how we can help successfully manage your concerns and relieve your team of administrative tasks.

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