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// Oracle On-Prem and Cloud Enterprise Continuity

We Provide Comprehensive Oracle Enterprise Support

At Adjacent Solutions, our consultants and technology experts work with teams to provide comprehensive Oracle enterprise resource planning. Whether you are looking to achieve on-prem stability with Oracle E-Business Suite, migrate from EBS to cloud, mitigate security risk, or undergo a full cloud and digital transformation, we provide domestic consulting and managed services support team that can help.

We design our offerings to help organizations at any stage of their business challenge. As an Oracle-certified partner, our experts work adjacent to your team to support your project-based, ongoing, or long-term needs. We provide a variety of comprehensive services and solutions, trusted for secure business continuity.

In-demand areas we support Oracle customers include:

ERP Services
Oracle enterprise resource planning. Wel guide customers through specific needs and processes with experience and knowledge.
Risk Mitigation
Strategic guidance to ensure the integrity of your systems and software to mitigate potential disruptions to your business.
Oracle Cloud Adjacent Solutions Consulting
Cloud Migration
Valuable cloud computing knowledge, services, and specialized skill sets to digitally transform business environments.
Managed Services
Managed services experts to effectively support and manage your infrastructure and service needs.
Oracle DBA Expertise
A modern support solution for all DBAs, request-based support, powered by seasoned Adjacent consultants.
Oracle Supply Chain Consulting Adjacent Solutions
Supply Chain
Leverage Oracle supply chain expertise to effectively support your objectives, manage operations, and meet deadlines.
// A Truly Adjacent Oracle Support Team

Our Promise to Customers

Every unique project is delivered by a team of trained Oracle experts who value our client's growth and innovation. As your adjacent support team, we embrace the core values of collaboration, integrity, quality, and thought leadership.

// Support with Oracle Managed Services Packages

Oracle Managed Services Packages

Oracle consulting and managed services packages at Adjacent Solutions are designed to comprehensively support Oracle environments. Oracle enterprise resource planning at Adjacent solutions means we provide proactive and continuous monitoring of your systems to safeguard operations and infrastructure. Whether you are on-prem or in the cloud, we can help you design enterprise managed services strategies to minimize disruption to your environment and increase opportunities to innovate.

Learn more about our sought-after managed services packages we offer include:

Backup & Recovery, Administration/Testing

We provide businesses with a comprehensive strategy for recovery in the event of a disaster. This includes protecting against data loss, restoration of your system, ensuring administration functions work properly and efficiently for reliability, availability, and security of your IT systems and applications.

Issue Resolution

Our consultants guide customers in identifying, diagnosing, and resolving problems and challenges within their Oracle technology systems, applications, and services. We assess issues that may affect functionality, performance, security, or technology assets.

Monitoring & Alerts

Gain continuous observation and analysis of your system to ensure the stability, performance, security, and availability of IT assets, including applications, servers, networks, and infrastructure. We help you create predefined conditions to alert administrators or stakeholders about potential issues.

Patching & Release Management

Maintain system integrity, security, and user satisfaction with an up-to-date technology environment. We help you address issues and vulnerabilities with updates while planning and delivering new versions of your software. This includes added features, enhancements, and fixes.

Security Management

Protect your enterprise systems, networks, data, and digital assets from vulnerabilities and threats. Ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your sensitive information and technology resources.

System Cloning Refreshes

Manage and update computer systems with system cloning refreshes to meet deployment, infrastructure scaling, application development, and disaster recovery needs. Rapidly deploy or improve system performance.

Oracle ERP consulting adjacent solutions
// A Community of Support for Your Enterprise



We value our partnerships. As your adjacent partner, we believe in the power of shared expertise and resources to enhance business goals and drive innovation.

// Comprehensive Oracle Enterprise Technology Management

Oracle Technology Support for Business Needs

Organizations view comprehensive Oracle enterprise data management differently. That's why our Oracle consultants collaborate with businesses to design tailored solutions. We work with customer focus to leverage Oracle technology to meet our customers' needs.

We frequently assist customers with a variety of business needs, including merger and acquisitions, application development, and Oracle tech-stack support. Our team brings together business knowledge, resources and tools, and project methodologies to guide your through pivotal technology changes.

Oracle consulting Adjacent Solutions mergers & acquisitions
Mergers & Acquisitons
Learn more about Oracle consulting support for your technology systems during and after a merger and acquisition.
Oracle consulting Adjacent Solutions Oracle APEX
Oracle APEX
Build data-driven, web-based applications quickly with a low-code development platform.
Oracle consulting adjacent solutions tech stack support
Oracle Tech-Stack Support
Discover how Oracle consulting can improve performance and usability of your technology environment.



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// Collaborating with Adjacent Solutions

Leveraging Oracle to Meet Your Unique Needs

We offer the knowledge and experience that allows customers to successfully implement a number of professional services for Oracle-related projects. Our team can work to help optimize your system and infrastructure based on specific needs and industry requirements.

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