// Maintain Oracle EBS and Enterprise Integrity

Secure Oracle EBS Environments

True Oracle enterprise risk mitigation begins with Adjacent Solutions. Oracle experts on our team can provide in-depth knowledge and specialized skills to protect your Oracle EBS environment. In collaboration with our customers, our consultants assess your technology environment and implement appropriate security measures.

Leveraging best practices, we offer strategic guidance to ensure the integrity of your systems and software are properly configured to mitigate potential disruptions to your business operations. Our team adheres to the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance to provide truly adjacent support to our customers.

Oracle EBS ERP Adjacent Solutions
Securing Oracle EBS
Delivering a straightforward process to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your EBS applications, data, and underlying infrastructure.
Security Hardening for EBS Oracle Adjacent Solutions
Security Hardening for EBS
Strengthening your systems and software defenses for enhanced security, robust data protection, greater access control, and overall resiliency.
Oracle Security and Compliance Adjacent Solutions
Security and Compliance
Providing in-depth knowledge and consulting expertise that adheres to the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance.
// A Truly Adjacent Oracle Support Team

Our Promise to Customers

Every unique project is delivered by a team of trained Oracle experts who value our client's growth and innovation. As your adjacent support team, we embrace the core values of collaboration, integrity, quality, and thought leadership.

// Leveraging Oracle Knowledge and Insight

Oracle Enterprise Security Expertise

Routine database health checks are part of every successful organization’s to-do list. Database health checks deliver cost-related business continuity benefits that help organizations avoid expensive downtime, data loss, and costs associated with emergency recovery. From overall enterprise health, performance, and reliability of databases, our consultants can help you proactively assess your environment’s security posture. Optimize performance, identify vulnerabilities, and improve decision-making with Oracle enterprise risk mitigation services at Adjacent Solutions.

Learn more by leveraging our Oracle expertise on security opportunities on our blog. For questions regarding your technology environment, connect with one of our trained specialists today.

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Database Health Check
Database health checks deliver cost-related business continuity benefits.
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Security Solutions
Learn more about Oracle security solutions and related technology on our blog.
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