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Oracle Consulting for Mergers and Acquisitions Support

Your Oracle mergers and acquisitions experience means experts at Adjacent Solutions provide guidance and effectively manage the integration of technology systems, processes, and infrastructure. Our customers rely on our skillsets and resources to design a structured approach. We align and smoothly integrate technology environments into a unified, strategic vision.


Customers largely seek our mergers and acquisitions support for three main reasons: their internal lack of skills, shortage of time, or the need to optimize. That’s why we’ve designed support areas that guide you through a list of our available Oracle services and solutions. Whether your team needs skills to manage your tech stack or the freedom to focus on critical business initiatives, we can help. 

Skill Support
Select from a wide variety of critical business support and resources opportunities.
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Team Support
Supplement your team and meet business requirements with adjacent support.
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Optimization Support
Realize merger & acquisition value with Oracle talent, insight, and recommendations.
// How We Support Our Customers

Trusted Oracle Consultants Guide Your Team

Services and solutions at Adjacent Solutions are built on project methodology and Oracle expertise. Oracle mergers and acquisitions consultants design solutions built on best practices with each customer's business focus in mind. We believe in strong collaboration and working in a truly adjacent capacity. 

Here is how we extract true value for our customers through the mergers and acquisitions process:

Assessment & Analysis

Our mergers and acquisitions consultants perform a thorough assessment of technology systems, applications, and infrastructure of both the acquiring and target companies. In collaboration, we analyze the strengths, weaknesses, and redundancies. This includes gaps in the systems to identify opportunities for optimization.

Integration Strategy

Our Oracle specialists develop a comprehensive integration strategy that outlines how the systems from both companies will be merged, migrated, and/or replaced. This strategy considers the technical, operational, and business requirements of the new entity.

Data & Process Mapping

Consultants map out the data flows and business processes of both companies to understand how they align and where they differ. This mapping helps identify areas where optimization can occur, such as streamlining processes or eliminating duplicative data entry.

Rationalization of Applications

Our team helps identify redundant or unnecessary software applications and systems. Working with your team, they assess which applications can be retired, consolidated, or replaced to reduce complexity and costs.

Data Migration Planning

Mergers and acquisitions consultants develop a data migration plan to ensure that data is accurately and securely transferred from one system to another. They identify data cleansing, transformation, and validation requirements to maintain data integrity.

Infrastructure Alignment

Oracle specialists assess the IT infrastructure of both companies to identify opportunities for consolidation and optimization. This could involve merging data centers, rationalizing server and network resources, and leveraging cloud services for scalability.

Technology Standardization

Our consultants may recommend standardizing technology platforms and tools across the newly merged entity. This simplifies management, reduces maintenance efforts, and enhances interoperability so your business environment runs smoothly and without interruption.

Change Management

Our team helps manage the cultural and organizational changes resulting from the integration. They develop communication plans and training programs to ensure that employees understand and embrace the optimized systems.

Performance Optimization

Mergers and acquisitions specialists analyze the performance of critical systems and applications to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. They may recommend tuning or upgrading systems to ensure optimal performance in the new environment.

Security & Compliance

Our team of Oracle consultants assess the security posture of both companies' systems and ensure that the integrated systems meet compliance requirements. They implement security best practices to safeguard data and prevent breaches.

Testing & Validation

Our team designs and executes testing plans to validate the functionality and performance of the integrated systems before and after the go-live date. This ensures that the optimized systems operate as intended.

Post-Integration Support

After the integration is complete, our consultants provide ongoing support to address any issues that arise and monitor the performance of the optimized systems.

// A Truly Adjacent Oracle Support Team

Our Promise to Customers

Every unique project is delivered by a team of trained Oracle experts who value our client's growth and innovation. As your adjacent support team, we embrace the core values of collaboration, integrity, quality, and thought leadership.

// Delivering Oracle Mergers & Acquistions Consulting Support

Oracle Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting Expertise

Mergers and acquisitions experiences are unique. During your transition, or specialists work to identify risks and opportunities, eliminate redundancies and gaps in technology assets, and derive maximum value that reduces their costs. 

In this process, customers realize they can benefit from an assortment of services and solutions that we provide. Some of our sought-after support areas include ongoing management of critical business services. Others discover a path to true digital transformation. 

Learn more about how we work adjacently with your team throughout your on-prem or cloud journey. 

Managed Services
Managed services experts to effectively support and manage your infrastructure and service needs.
Risk Mitigation
Strategic guidance to ensure the integrity of your systems and software to mitigate potential disruptions to your business.
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Supply Chain
Leverage Oracle supply chain expertise to effectively support your objectives, manage operations, and meet deadlines.
Oracle DBA Expertise
A modern support solution for all DBAs, request-based support, powered by seasoned Adjacent consultants.
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Cloud Migration
Valuable cloud computing knowledge, services, and specialized skill sets to digitally transform business environments.
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