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Consulting for Oracle Supply Chain Management

Consulting with an Oracle supply chain management partner is beneficial for successfully leveraging the components and related processes of the Oracle SCM tool. Our Oracle experts are trained to properly configure and integrate these elements for a seamless supply chain experience for your staff and customers.

Modern disruptions have made our supply chain expertise and support a sought-after component of business strategy. We believe in collaborating for a comprehensive and integrated approach to your supply chain needs. Popular areas where we help customers with their supply chain challenges include, but are not limited to:

Demand Forecasting and Planning

Our consultants work with customers to ensure their software and systems enable them to meet customer needs without overstocking. Predict customer demand, and optimize inventory levels, resources, and production.

Inventory Management

Leverage Oracle SCM and consultant support to achieve efficient inventory management that ensures product availability and prevents excess costs.

Logistics and Transportation

Supply chain management tools are a holistic and critical tool for timely and cost-effective product movement. Consultants work with your team to maximize your system's capabilities such as optimized routes, transportation types, and distribution networks.

Production and Manufacturing

Our team of Oracle experts works with you to streamline your supply chain environment. In collaboration, we address the capabilities in your system such as production processes, management of work orders, and optimized resource utilization.

Order Fulfillment and Customer Service

Achieve successful supply chain management that ensures customer satisfaction. Supply chain software, tools, and consulting allow you to timely and accurately process orders, pick/pack, and ship to meet demand.

Risk Management and Resilience

Proactively identify and mitigate risks within the supply chain before they lead to disruptions in business operations.

Technology and Digital Transformation

Maximize the interconnected power of Oracle supply chain software, analytics, automation, and robust features and capabilities to optimize insights and respond faster to market changes.

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Our Promise to Customers

Every unique project is delivered by a team of trained Oracle experts who value our client's growth and innovation. As your adjacent support team, we embrace the core values of collaboration, integrity, quality, and thought leadership.

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Oracle Supply Chain Enhanced Support & Expertise

Our Oracle supply chain management specialists utilize best practices and the most up-to-date information to maximize your supply chain capabilities. For on-prem EBS users, Oracle's Enterprise Command Center provides discovery-oriented dashboards that are interactive and visually rich to modernize the end-user experience. 

ECC makes gather data and utilizing real-time business analytics more insightful. With over 30 command centers and 100 role-based dashboards, ECC is particularly helpful. Financial teams, manufacturing operations, order management and customer satisfaction teams all benefit from improved real-time data. Procurement, asset lifecycle, and human resources teams also value transparency for improved decision-making.

Customers may also want to leverage our functional support team to supplement their team or address evolving technology developments. 

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